The great London scavenger hunt

Scavenger Hunt London on a boat

We had a work do last week, and one of the activities was a scavenger hunt. When we were putting the event together it drove us nuts trying to think of a team building activity that could be flexible for the amount of time that we would have (could flex between 1-2h depending on presentations) and something that would allow for creativity. So we created our own photo based scavenger hunt, the bonus being that I now have ridiculous photos of the entire office for blackmail later on (to protect the identity of my team mates, I may have doctored the photo above).

The rules were simple:

1. Photographic evidence is required for every challenge

2. Challenges can be attempted in any order

3. You do not need to complete them all (be strategic!)

4. Your team must stick together

5. Entire team must be in every photo (one person allowed to take the photo, but can’t be the same person each time)

6. One photo can be submitted per challenge, unless otherwise specified

7. The winner is the teams with the most points

8. No money can be spent

9. Nothing illegal and keep it PG13


You can pretty much make up what ever challenges you want, but the ones that we went with (points in brackets) were…

Pose with tourists at an iconic London landmark (5 per tourist)

Team photo bomb (15)

Photo of your team on a boat (20)

Team impersonation of a statue, the statue must be in photo (5)

Team human pyramid (10 )

‘I can’t believe we all fit in here’ photo (10)

Random act of kindness (10)

Stage a famous movie battle (10)

Come back in a team uniform (20)

Photo with a doppelganger of someone in your team (15)

Team reflection in something other than a mirror (10)

Get someone in another team a hot date, phone number & photo required (15)

Stage a Beatles album cover (10)

Give a stranger a piggy back (5)

Take a photo on public transport without touching the floor (15)

Conduct and video a exercise class at a public site for at least 2min (20)

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