My fish out of water moment

Months just fly around so fast over here, before I know it it’s time for another monthly travel linkup with Kelly and Emma! This time it is my ultimate fish out of water moment … which has to be that time I attempted to join a sports team.

When I first moved to London I took my own advice and tried to make friends by joining a sports team, netball to be precise. It was a casual summer league, which meant you turned up and they would divide everyone into teams on the spot and you would play. I thought it would be ideal, since it was casual there would be no super competitive people and outdoors in summer is only a good thing. I was so busy patting myself on the back for being brave and joining in, that I failed to take into account some simple home truths…

1. Netball is vicious
Even if it is not a competitive league, people playing netball are lunatics.

2. My utter lack of fitness
I got puffed running two minutes for the bus, not exactly a brilliant start to a sporting career

3.  There were no pubs near to the court
I know this sounds crazy in London, but we had almost the only teetotal court in the entire city

4. People were there to exercise not chat
Not ideal for making friends

So what happened? I played one game and then wholeheartedly and unreservedly gave up on my netball career. There were far more civilized ways of making friends, and even if there weren’t, no friendship was worth getting that sweaty for. 


And yes, this is how red my face was…



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6 thoughts on “My fish out of water moment

  1. Ha! I have bad memories of netball at school…..but at least you tried! I agree with Claire, though – the pub would probably have been more successful 😉

  2. Haha netballers are lunatics 🙂 There is NO SUCH THING as social netball sorry!!! :):):)

  3. Oh lord, I broke two fingers playing netball at school so I’m not a fan. And we’re definitely red faced twins there. Maybe skip the court and try afternoon tea instead?

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