A sweet little day trip to Aix-en-Provence

Aix lavender

When you are on a cruise, there are these little things called shore excursions. Think of it as the ultimate school trip, except you don’t have to learn anything if you don’t want to, oh and there are┬áMacarons. On the second day on the Epic we docked early in Marseilles and were the first on a bus to Aix-en-Provence. Actually, scratch that learning thing, because I learned one very important thing on this excursion… Aix rhymes with sex. Bloody French.

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Sex Aix is just so damn pretty, it is essentially what you dream of when you picture your future in Provence. The buildings are the perfect mix of crumbling beauty, and walking the cobbled streets you can’t help feel special simply for being there. After a brief tour about the ┬áhistory of the city and its architecture (I was too busy enjoying the sun to remember any of it), we were let loose onto the town.

Aix Macaron

The main highlight for me was finding the best Macarons I have ever had at Meresse Macarons. I may have been slightly dazed by the beauty around me, but they were so good that after purchasing and downing two, I barely got out of the shop before turning round and buying another. I tried the blackcurrant and gingerbread, salted caramel and my without a doubt favorite the lychee and rose.

Aix buildings

After a perfect Provencian (oh hush, if Shakespeare can make up words so can I) morning there was just enough time for a little slice of hilarity on the bus ride back to the Epic. When talking about what we thought of Aix, the lone American on the bus just had to pipe up and say “it was ok, but they really need more washrooms”. Yep, because if you ignore the picturesque architecture, dappled sunlight shining on the cobbles, incredible food, market stalls, macarons, winding streets, smell of lavender in the air and smiling people, Aix really is all about the wash rooms.

Aix man with hose in his mouth


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  1. France is so beautiful, quaint and full of history. Just love the place. ex Kiwi now living in UK.

  2. I absolutely love Aix! It’s so cute and very French. It’s also so close to Calanques that makes it even better.

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