Things that I did instead of going to Palma

Epic Palma

I always assumed that the main highlight of a cruise was the amazing places that you get to see. After all, how tempting is it to wake up to a different shore every day? So you can imagine my surprise when upon reaching the lovely port of Palma I elected to stay on the Norwegian Epic. What I didn’t realise about cruising until I actually went on one is that these ships are floating resorts; yes the ports you visit are amazing but actually if you are after a relaxing holiday the boat is all you need.

I do love a bit of adventure, but after a stressful month at work all I really wanted to do was relax. It was the same with a lot of the groups I could see onboard, there were multi-generational families as well as a couple of stag/hen groups, which now that I’ve seen the cruising life makes total sense. There is really something for everyone on board, no getting grumpy because someone wants the pool and others want to explore – you can hang out over meals and then go off and do your own thing.


So what happened when I woke up to the beautiful port of Palma? I stayed on the Epic. Don’t judge, just listen to what I got up to…

Epic movie watching
1. Watched The Blind Side on the two story high screen in the middle of the boat, and ordered yet more cake to where I was sitting

2. Drank from glasses made of ice in the world’s only floating ice bar (somehow an ice bar on a boat is just infinitely cooler than one on land)

Epic Ice Bar

3. Salsa danced the night away on the back of the Epic with my scoop of journalists, let’s just say none of us are gifted in the salsa department

EPIC Dancing on the back of the boat

4. Watched a Circus show in a tent, on a boat, in the Mediterranean ocean. A circus show I might add that featured a semi naked man in a bathtub..

5. Ordered free room service to my private balcony before roasting myself in the sun

6. Line dancing class…ok this one you can judge

7. Thoroughly tested the three waterslides … about 15 times each (seriously forgot how fun these things were)

Pool on the Epic

8. Went bowling, which FYI is way way more fun when you are at sea

EPIC Bowling ally

9. Fell asleep on a sun lounger, just waking up enough to order a beer and roll myself over

10. Had a moment of calm, alone on the top deck as I considered just what a lucky blogger I was to be there

Epic view

A huge thanks to Norwegian for having me on the Epic. As always, opinions are all my own. 

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  1. Haha I won’t judge as we did the same one day when we were on a cruise. We almost had the whole ship to ourselves and it was nice to just relax rather than trying to fit in a shore excursion into such a short amount of time. The Epic looks Epic!! xx

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