My favourite travel photo

Girl running in Egypt

I’m going to cheat a bit on this one and show you my two favorite travel photos. In my defense they were taken within about half an hour of each other so I can count them as one right? I took them on the road to the Valley of the Kings on that infamous Egypt trip, on my way to visit┬áKing Tutankhamun I saw two slices of humanity that stopped my heart.

The first was the little girl running in the photo above. She chased our car for as long as she could desperate to sell the little dolls she had clutched in her hand. I found it so sad that this girl, who should be learning, playing and carefree, was spending her days and her energy selling dolls to tourists.

Then just down the road I saw the five girls below, all in beautifully matching headscarfs. I don’t know where they were going but in my imagination they are off to cause all the usual sort of school girl trouble.

I know they are not perfect pictures, but they are ones that above all others have stayed with me throughout the years.


Girls walking Egypt

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  1. Beautiful photos Rebecca and I know what you mean about the little girl – it makes you realise that we often take education for granted in the Western World and not everyone gets the same opportunities. xx

  2. Oh such beautiful pictures! I love pictures like these when you can imagine what has happened in the people’s lives! It’s very intriguing!

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