Duck and Waffle. (I’ll skip to the end, it lives up to the hype)

Duck and Waffle VIew

I’ve been wanting to go to Duck and Waffle pretty much the entire time I’ve been in London. But every time I tried to book a table the only availability they had was at 11pm…that is quite simply past my bedtime. Since I took a mid-week day off work last week, I called them on the off chance there was a brunch spot available, and by all that is miraculous and bright there was.

Going up the Heron Tower in the glass elevator is an experience in itself. It just seems too quick to be safe, but it starts your magical journey to the world of Duck and Waffle. You continue your journey by following the blue and white tiles through the bar, promising yourself all the while that if you ever get a house (baby of the 80’s so not likely) you will pave every inch of floor with something similar. Though the bar you reach your first boss level, the reservation. Now as mentioned above I already had the magic cheat code of a booking, but there were still a couple of tense moments as they couldn’t quite grasp the concept of a solo diner. But I was quickly onto the next level…the view.

Duck and Waffle tiles

The view from Duck and Waffle is AMAZEBALLZ. I love how untidy London looks from above, you would have thought after the great fire of London they would have let Christopher Wren straighten it up a bit. But in a way this is what makes this level of the game so dastardly, see if you can locate your London hot spot from above. I clocked this by sending a creepy aerial shot of my office to a colleague, just to let them know I was watching. The only glitch in the view level was although I managed to get a seat by the window, the blinds were broken. They are a venetian type affair so although I could see through them, it wasn’t quite the uninterrupted London-scape I was dreaming off.

Duck and Waffle cocktail

Now I had reached the final boss…the food. I decided to really do this right and start with a mimosa, you know just to power up. With the power of champagne inside me, I was able to order my brunch with a clear head. Well, kind of. I am seriously suggestible so when I’m in a place called Duck and Waffle I am bloody well going to order the Duck and Waffle.

The dish is a play on the American chicken and waffles, except with the waffle being the amazing essence of waffley-ness (both crispy and soft, buttery golden nom nom) and the fried chicken being replaced with duck confit. To pull it all together there was maple syrup with spicy mustard seeds. This dish was completely my thing, the fatty goodness from the duck the carbs of the gods and over all a level of sweetness that even satisfied this sweet tooth.

Duck and Waffle

Love love love.

I may have clocked the Duck and Waffle game, but much like the original Super Mario is it a game that I can’t wait to play again…just to see if I can beat my own score.

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5 thoughts on “Duck and Waffle. (I’ll skip to the end, it lives up to the hype)

  1. I have been dying to go too… Am so glad it seems worth the wait for. I think I may dot he same and take a mid week off.

  2. Been dying to try this restaurant (though I must say I am not sure how I feel about the signature dish…but am willing you be proven otherwise.) And now you’ve moved it up even higher on the list because of the blue tiles. What is about a blue tile, really? Gorgeous. So glad you loved it.

  3. Ha I love the title! I’m dying to go here, mainly for the view and the lift. When you say ‘clocked’ do you mean ‘acheived’….? Just noticing you use the term slightly differently. I lived in Melbourne for a year last year and loved noticing all the little linguistic differences…. like ‘root’ for example! Which here means ‘rummage’ or ‘find’, so when I said in a shop ‘I’ll just have a root around over there!’ they looked at me quite strangely!

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