I just wanna make you Sketch

Sketch dining room Sketch has had massively mixed reviews from people I’ve spoken to, but the afternoon tea looked so enticing that I just had to had to go. Luckily I had the perfect excuse as a friend and I were looking for somewhere to have a birthday/engagement (hers)/new job/ bank holiday ‘and holy crap it’s sunny’ celebration.

Sketch is a bit of an afternoon tea factory at the weekends, which has been one of the biggest complaints from others who have gone. You are crammed in as tight as can be and there are trays flying everywhere. Also, if you are not in the glade room (made to look like Oberon’s clearing by a very cleaver artist who decoupaged the wallpaper) the room is arty but super dark for a tea room which normally specialise in light and airy*. No it wasn’t the most relaxing afternoon tea I have had (we were asked to hurry up because they had another booking), but the food was so good that it completely made up for it (even if I couldn’t take good photos because it was so damn dark!).Sketch savory plateAfter starting with a gin cocktail we quickly tucked into the food, which between the tiered treats, little bowl of marshmallows with macrons, scones and a mini-cheesecake in a shot glass was a little daunting to say the least!

Highlight of the entire thing was the croc monsieur that they served as one of the savory sandwiches. Amazing to see them doing something different on the part of the afternoon tea that is normally interchangeable across every hotel in London. It came hot, with a filling of pesto and mozzarella and served as a little finger in parchment tied up with a little yellow bow. Tasty, naughty and pretty – perfect combination to start an afternoon tea. The rest of the savory plate was amazing too, with each sandwich having a little touch to elevate it from the ordinary like the egg and mayonnaise that came with a little fried quails egg on top.

Sketch sweets

Funnily enough the sweets were less imaginative than the savory plate, but it was still up there with the nicest I’ve had. It was the small portions that still packed some serious flavour that was the key, especially the coffee eclair which I loved loved loved. The scones were also better than normal by serving them hot (a couple of other tea places promised this and then served them stone cold).

All in all Sketch is definitely a place I will return to just for the innovative food.  I think when you go just expect it to be a bustling tea hub, or if thats not your thing just eat in the glade during the week.


*I think the main room above has recently been redone entirely in pick, I need to go back to see!

Author: runawaykiwi