Tips for a magical staycation

Tower Bridge

London is a bastard that steals all your money, but thankfully London is also beautiful and more than a little insane – all of which makes a staycation just as amazing as a trip to Europe. But be warned there is a right and wrong way to staycation, you don’t want to feel cheated out of a holiday.

London staycation rules of engagement

DO plan your time, because you are staying at home it is crazy easy just to sleep in and wind up doing nothing

DO go to the places that you normally avoid because of crowds i.e. Museum row

DON’T worry about the money you are spending, its still cheaper than a hotel abroad

DO look at Pinterest or a list on Buzzfeed to plan your staycation, find those places you would be dreaming about sat at a desk in NZ

DO get tickets on the day to that play you have been wanting to see

DO keep an eye on Twitter for any last minute deals or things going on

DON’T forget to post holiday photos on Facebook, if you didn’t #selfie it didn’t happen

DON’T be too sad about going back to work, after all you live in a holiday destination

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7 thoughts on “Tips for a magical staycation

  1. That’s really cool! I think it’s completely right to say to go see things you’d normally avoid – that’s what feeling like a tourist in your own town would be! Also, I love the idea to check last minute deals and show ticket for that day! Definitely a way to enjoy yourself and maybe save some money too!

  2. Love these rules!! Husband and I have 2.5 weeks off starting this Friday to tick off our London Bucket List and he’s put 3 things a day into the google calendar for 16 days. I’m 6 months pregnant, this is either going to end in me punching him at some point or getting hyper emotional at each spot we tick off…

  3. Booking tickets in London is super essential as we always miss out as we are appalling planners. We did a staycation in England a few years back and we spent probably more in a week on our staycation then a week abroad but we had a fabulous time going to the theatre, going ten pin bowling in Brighton, spending a day in s spa at a flash hotel and just plain old random stuff! xx

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