Two new coffee shops waiting to be discovered #3

Roll up roll up, time for some new London coffee spots. Since it’s summer I have been craving iced coffee, and thankfully with the two cafes I have for you today they rock at the iced latte. Important point to note on this, an iced coffee is not a horrendous concoction full of cream and flavoured syrups (can we all finally recognise that a chain store frappe is just a fancy milkshake???), its just a damn good coffee over ice.

On with the show..

Store Street Espresso – 40 Store St, London WC1E 7D


Store Street Espresso

I do seriously love that Store Street Espresso is on Store Street, even if I did look like a complete munter when I asked a friend “what street is that on again?”. Unusually for a London cafe they actually have seating for a fair few people, which is good since their coffee can draw a crowd.

Store Street have a counter of food (they stock Crosstown Doughnuts!) and also have a small breakfast menu to order from (think more toast and muesli not full English and pancakes). I went for the Aussie classic smashed avocado on toast, and was relieved to see that it was just plain avocado. Of the cafes in London offering smashed avocado on toast most pre-mix sweet chilli or the like into it, tipping a healthy snack into dubious territory.

Anyway I digress, Store Street is a cool little cafe with bangin coffee and the perfect space to gossip with friend or crack out your laptop and get blogging.


Exmouth Coffee Company – 83 Whitechapel High Street E1 7QX 

Exmoth Market Cafe

I have been going to this cafe pretty much the entire time I have been in London, so while it doesn’t exactly qualify at new I have only just found out what its called. I’m not kidding on this one, there is no sign outside and for two years I have been telling people its the cafe next to the Whitechapel Gallery – turns out it is called the Exmouth Coffee Company.

The coffee is consistently fabulous but the real draw here is the food, their counter is piled high with freshly baked treats, salads, and quiches. I am always a sucker for their flat bread sandwiches (in the picture above) because they are simple but full of flavour. Oh and the treats, lets just say that one of the options is essentially a Damian Hurst but with pecans and caramel instead of a shark in formaldehyde.

Like Store Street, these guys have enough seating to actually sit and enjoy the food & they have the magical ingredient that is free wifi.


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  1. The flatbreads at Exmouth are lovely, but I just can’t stop myself from hitting up trade instead. I’ll have to check out Stone Street–nothing better than some avocado toast! There’s a new cafe–can’t remember the name (address like 2 Commercial St?) Have you been?

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