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Room with a View Auckland

Its travel link up time again with my lovely ladies Emma and Kelly. This month the theme is ‘room with a view’ and we are lucky enough to be guest hosted by Angie from Silver Spoon.

I know you are probably expecting some sort of tropical destination, a tiki hut hanging over the ocean, but for me there is only one room with a view and it was hard fought for.

My parents have been living in their house for over 30 years, and in that time they added a second level to store the kids in. Now of the two bedrooms upstairs my sister got the bigger one, commemorated by her running round it shouting “I got the bigger room” as only an older sister can (she was only 7 at the time, but the memory still haunts me). My room was smaller by virtue of a wall being built in the wrong place, and I did the only thing I could…I waited 20 years until she moved to London and staged a hostile take over.

Sky over Auckland

When I stopped running around shouting “I finally got the bigger room” I went and looked out the window to the view that is now always on my mind. From that window you can see all over Auckland, as far as the Waitakere Ranges on a clear day. What you mostly see however is just green green green, the trees even in the central city stretch for miles. And thanks to so many being evergreen the view stays this lush even in the middle of winter.

Purple Sky

This window is also home to some of the most fantastic sky you have ever seen, the purple view above has not had any photoshop added it really was that colour. I have a thing for skies, they seem to really fill the creative part of my brain & calm me at the same time. This room with a view is made for me.

Alfie Kitten

There is added danger though, by way of the two cute killers that we made my parents get before both of us disappeared overseas. I have no idea how Hollie & Alfie get on the roof, but they sure as hell know they best way in is through those windows. Particularly if they have wet paws or a muddy coat & just want to ruin my nice white bedspread.

Hollie Kitten

Of course my reign was destined to come to an end when my sister moved back to New Zealand first.  Much like a foreign dictator she ruthlessly got rid of the ‘RB’ monogrammed pillowcases and got right to running round shouting the age old battle cry of “I’ve got the bigger room”. But hey, I love her to bits so I will grant her this temporary easement – after all, a view this good needs to be enjoyed.

Beautiful sunset over Auckland

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11 thoughts on “Room with a view

  1. I was lucky to have pretty views from my room at home too, but it must be all the sweeter knowing you fought for that room! Or at least bided your time 🙂

  2. Well – they always say that patience pays off! I hope your sister enjoyed it all those years – how come your parents don’t have that room for the view?!

  3. A room with a view unlike no other. There are fancy hotels with great views but none can compare to your room, as not only does it have great views but nothing in the world beats home.

  4. Nothing beats that view from home does it! Those sunset pictures as well love it! I adore the view off my (parents) balcony, you can see right out to Waiheke.

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