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The lovely Jamie from Angloyankophile tagged me in the Writing Process Blog Tour, bloggers tag bloggers and we wax lyrical about why and how we write. Of course what Jaime didn’t know is that by tagging me she would also open herself up to a world of Kiwi stalking and enforced cocktails (hi Jamie!).

I love reading about why others write, its like the reality TV of the blogging world. I have decided to tag the ladies I have been travel linkup-ing for the last few months; Kelly from Around the world in 80 pairs of shoes, and Emma from Adventures of a London Kiwi.

This is kind of like a chain letter, so Kelly & Emma you have one week to write or else you MUST BUY ME COFFEE. (I really do have to stop threatening bloggers into buying me food…). Even without the possible hope of coffee, I hope you all enjoy this glimpse into this little blogging world of mine.

Working on



I wish I was one of these bloggers with grand schemes or a book in the pipeline, but with a full time job just planning and posting is all I can manage! I currently have about four posts about food, two about theater, an exhibition and an expat rant floating around in my head – I just need to put fingers to keyboard and actually write them.




I think my blog is very very personal. I don’t mean that I give away all the juicy details, its just that it is exactly what is going on in my brain/life at the time. I guess that is how it differs, my blog is as unique as I am! I also tend to get super excited about things, I don’t like a cafe I LOVE IT & I write accordingly.

As much as being different is awesome, I really value being in the ‘expat blogger’ niche, we are at the same time tourists as well as finding all those hidden amazing spots that only locals can find.




What you see on my blog is what I do with my life. I write travel when I travel, write rants when I’m upset and I write coffee pretty much all the time. I write as a creative outlet but also to make my mark on the world, I love feeling that there is something bigger than me out there.

It’s also amazing way to document my travels over in London. Where my parents can look back at the letters they wrote home when they were traveling, I have 500 (and counting) blog posts. It’s amazing to read back over old posts to see the places I have been, the good times and the bad.




That job I mentioned before? It’s pretty full on and involves a fair few weekends and late nights. That means that I write when I can (this is currently being typed on an iPhone while standing on a train back from Milton Keynes). I try to write as much as I can at the weekend and then schedule during the week because I tend to just crash after work.


Any questions? I would love to hear from you!

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