Chefs, tarts and full frontal baking

Serious About Baking Eric Lanlard

I have to tell you about the most amazingly fun event I went to last week, Serious about Baking hosted by Currys and Cake Boy. Bloggers often get invited to PR events, and while most are vaguely interesting they tend to still be in the ‘work’ rather than ‘fun’ category. I tend to say yes if it is at all relevant to my blog (I really love being able to tell you guys about the latest and greatest things in London) or if it sounds super exciting, this is a lifestyle blog after all. When Curries invited me to their Serious about Baking master class I said yes for personal reasons, but I totally didn’t expect such a brilliant night out.

Ok so my personal baking reasons. I used to be a stress baker. Don’t roll your eyes, stress baking is a real thing. Throughout all of my school exams, essays and friend dramas when I got stressed I would bake. It’s a beautifully meditative process, with all the measuring and mixing you have to focus on the task at hand and there is no left over brain space for worry. When you bake you are also doing at least one productive thing with your day, and you get cake at the end of it.


I was a stress baker right up until the point that my Mum banned me from baking. Yeah, banned from baking. Essentially she came home one day during my final set of school exams and on the table were… three cakes, a batch of cupcakes, two different slices, scones, Turkish delight, Russian fudge and a tray of chocolate chip cookies cooling on the rack. From that moment I was banned from baking unless there was a specific intended recipient for the baked goods.

That was all well and good until I moved overseas and was only baking for myself (Mums rules still apply even in a different hemisphere). Apart from the occasional baking escapade for my Sister my life in London has pretty much been a baking free zone. This makes me very sad.

So the Currys invitation could not have come at a more perfect time. It was hosted by Eric Lanlard at Cake Boy where we would be trying a mashup of his baking master classes. It all got a bit fun right from the get go, with a couple of glasses of champagne served by Eric himself. Then we got down to the baking (a demo of the red velvet cake and a chocolate tart) which to be honest after the champagne was just innuendo after innuendo…

Here is a sample of the tweets that were going on when I was meant to be focusing on the red velvet cake (insert something technical here about how red velvet did not originally use food colouring, it was a chemical reaction between the baking powder
vinegar and pure coco powder that gave it a reddish tinge).

Serious About Baking Cake Serious About Baking Stick Serious About Baking Tweets Serious About Baking
Pretty soon it was time for us to try our own hand at the icing that Eric made look so easy. Turns out not so easy, but really fun. We all started off quite cocky and focused more on getting the TV chef pose right, before the room all of a sudden got quiet as we all realised it was harder than it looked and we didn’t want to disappoint Chef. I don’t know the last time I laughed that hard.

Runawaykiwi baking

The Chef Boy master class evenings are cakey tarty fun, what more could you ask of an evening then giggles, baking and delicious cakes?

Massive thanks to Eric Lanlard, Kitchen Aid and Currys for the Serious about Baking master class. It re-instated my love of baking and hyped me up on sugar for the rest of the week.

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7 thoughts on “Chefs, tarts and full frontal baking

  1. Yum times a million.

    Sounds like I need to stress you out when you come home at Christmas.

    Sister wants treats.

  2. I’m a stress baker as well – it’s my month end release, just watching the twirling beaters and having some raw batter; bliss!

    This looked like a fabulous event to attend Rebecca and I can see why you ran away early from Afternoon Tea xx

  3. Looks like such a fun event, Rebecca! I totally agree with you and the comments – stress baking IS a thing 🙂

  4. I used to stress bake too! To the point that I would obsessively hunt through recipe books and come up with lists of cakes/muffins/biscuits that I HAD to bake 🙂

    See you next weekend for brunch x

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