Have I mentioned that I quite like coffee?


Let’s start with a fairy tale. It all starts with the Princess Runawaykiwi, who spent a night trapped in an underwater palace. Come morning the Princess found herself unable to awake, she was trapped. Then on the horizon she saw her saviour, a Prince by the name of Gideon. He rode up, coffee in hand and rescued her from her watery prison.

Blogstock Schedule

Ok, so life isn’t a fairy tale (although I do find it really hard to wake up in the morning). But Gideon did save my life at Blogstock. Blogstock is an amazing blogging festival that happened earlier in the year; the first of its kind it brought together fascinating speakers, a creative hive mind of bloggers and Gideon from Blank Box coffee. Unfortunately Blogstock coincided with the heaviest rainstorm in two years, me in my tiny tent got completely washed out.

With a full night of it raining on the inside of my tent I was feeling less than ready to face the day. I was gutted, to wake up grumpy through lack of sleep when I had such a magical day ahead was just lame. Then the fairy tale kicked in, I rounded the corner and there was the Blank Box coffee stand, the first cup just brewed.

Blank Box Coffee at Blogstock

Apart from being forever indebted to Blank Box for saving Blogstock and caffeinating me enough to enjoy the day, it’s actually a brilliant idea. Blank Box is a coffee subscription service with a difference, you receive two identical blank packages containing beans. The only difference between the two is a red mark on one and a blue mark on the other (I know, seriously Matrix).

Blank Box Coffee packages

The theory is that people are way too attached to brands or type of coffee and tend to ignore what the beans actually taste like. I know this is 100% true for me at least, I will drink anything that Nude Espresso produces without actually ever considering the different beans they purchase, where they are from or how they are roasted. My brain just goes Nude=good…get your mind out of the gutter.

Blank Box coffee

Blank Box gives you the chance to consider the drink on nothing but taste. Make your own mind up which anonymous package you prefer (or if you love both) and then all coffeeed up you can go online and find out what you were actually drinking.

Black Sheep coffee beans

In the Blank Box I received I went straight for the blue pack…and wasn’t a fan. To me it tasted a lot like herbal tea, very strange from a coffee. Later when I read the notes this was exactly what they said, it reminded Blank Box of a Cascara Tea. Then it was time to try the red pill, and this one proved the entire point of Blank Box. I loved the beans; dark, sexy and packed full of caffeine. The unusual bit is not only the brand Black Sheep which I had never tried before, or the fact that they are Robusta beans which I never would have bought, it was learning about the ethical way they treat the coffee farmers, with free housing, electricity, firewood and clothing, give sick allowances, maternity benefits and interest free loans for marriages and other family needs.

Thanks Blank Box, life may not be a fairy tale but with you by my side I will sure as hell be trying some new and interesting coffee.


Please note that I drank about 4 cups of coffee while writing this post, oh and Blank Box sent me the box to try for free. But seriously though, whats not to love about coffee in the post from a knight in shining armour? #IloveBlankBox Oh god I think I have had too much coffee, I CAN’T GET OFF THE CEILNG. Coffee coffee coffee, with the power of caffeine I can rule the world.

Author: runawaykiwi