Two new dinner spots waiting to be eaten

I know I am normally all about the coffee, but sometimes a Runawaykiwi has to eat. So to get you planning your Friday night feast here are two new names for you to try.


1. Bunnychow, Boxpark (and other locations)

A bunny is something I first heard about in Disneyland but actually originated in South Africa. The Disney version was a full sized loaf of white bread, top cut of hollowed out and filled with clam chowder. The London version is much more civilized, a small round loaf filled with whichever of the creatively named options you want. Now, as good as Monkey Glands sounded I went for the BangCluck Bunny which was a Thai chicken curry in the aforementioned loaf. Full of flavour, and 100% portable Bunnychow is the ideal Friday night feast.


Bird London

2. Bird, Shoreditch

Bird does exactly what it says on the tin, top class free range fried chicken.  You can choose how many pieces, light or dark meat, what glaze you want and then a dipping sauce. I was uber demanding and wanted different glazes on my order and they were happy to indulge me. I highly recommend the Honey Ginger glaze, its crispy and sticky and all full of goodness. Bird will forever be awesome in my eyes, because they guessed that it was my dinner mates birthday and bought us a doughnut and a party popper to celebrate.


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  1. I keep hearing about Bunnychow and I keep meaning to try it but I haven’t yet. God knows why. It’s another one for the ever-growing to do list!

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