Falling in love on the road

This months travel link up is all about love love love. Since I have already spilled the beans on one of my travel escapades and my Dad reads my blog (Hi Dad!) I thought I would go in a slightly more PG direction for this. I know I said last week that I hated London, well that post got such a reaction from you guys that I thought I would show you what makes all the crowds worth it. This is my ode to a bridge…

Tower Bridge at Dusk


We don’t have people like you where I’m from, 

Back home they are concrete and metal; making a life from utility. 

But you are stone and colour;

You are gargoyles and a pathway for a working city.

My dear you are the profile of London,

The one that captures wedding photos, tourists and lonely kiwis alike. 

You may just be one part of the city,

One bridge among many. 

But you are the one that brings a smile to my face,

And reminds me just how lucky I am.

Tower Bridge Opening


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Author: runawaykiwi

8 thoughts on “Falling in love on the road

  1. That’s my favourite London landmark, ain’t she beautiful! You can totally fall in love with London easily then other days she likes to slap you across the chops just to remind you that you aren’t alone in this fair city! xx

    1. Its amazing how something as inanimate as a bridge can make you feel connected with an entire city

  2. Ahh, that bridge!!! I see it at least twice a week and some days I want to smack it (mostly when faced with a crowd of tourists who will not stick to one side) and others I want to kiss it.. This is the perfect ode to a truly wonderful piece of engineering.

    1. I saw your picture today of the crowds in the rain – just mental! But then you catch site of it at dusk and your heart just melts xx

  3. This is my favorite. You and that bridge – I just love that relationship, and now this poem, you have going. I usually have to go out of my way to see her, but whenever I do I have to take a picture. Just the best.

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