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I went to a Tedx event yesterday and was inspired ten ways to Sunday. One of the sparks of inspiration was wanting to create my own London videos and share them on YouTube, essentially neighbourhood walks to give you inspiration for things to do or dream of. So last night I purchased some video editing software and taught myself how to use it, then today I took a little walk between Barbican and St Paul’s.

Below is the result, I am super happy with it for a first attempt. Please let me know your comments, thoughts, and if you have a neighborhood you want me to feature.


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15 thoughts on “Runawaykiwi joins YouTube

  1. Hi Rebecca,

    Congratulations on making your directorial debut. Including the elevator ride from One New Change was a brilliant idea. I also loved how you slowly devoured that cupcake! πŸ™‚

    Let’s get a date together and I could show you some of Bloomsbury’s quirky spots for a future video!

    Well done, Rebecca! x


  2. What a lovely video to not only showpiece London but moreso to put what was learnt at TEDx into practice … Truly inspirational:)

  3. Love it Rebecca! That’s a great idea. Amazing weather there??!!! The shot in the lift is fun. Perhaps a discrete footnote or some sorts so we know where we are exactly or which building we are looking at. Some are obvious, some less so.Safe journey home in one month! Charlotte will be home just before you. All these families are trepidating with impatience. In fact I saw a rather unorthodox pirate with a wet moustache, a kind witch and a road accident victim lately who were very much looking forward to your visit. Tyler was the only one who looked composed and together! πŸ˜€

  4. You’re amazing. Love it. My husband also shoots the most beautiful footage of London, and I keep promising to do something YouTubey with it. One day I’ll get the time! Editing wise it helps if you have a friend you can show your first edit to who helps you identify the bits that need be be cut down, and then you can go back and forth until you end up with something super slick x

  5. Awesome work! I love this. I too want to start recording more videos, although know nada about editing! What did you purchase to get started with if you don’t mind sharing? I take a load of videos but never do anything with them, so it’d be fun to actually use them! Looking forward to seeing more! xx

    1. A programme called Power Director – super easy to use (i.e. there are enough youtube clips to tell you what to do!)

  6. Found you through Angloyankophile (aka Jaime) and wanted to congratulate you on your first video – it looks great! Barbican is one of my favorite places in London. πŸ™‚

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