Runawaykiwi’s Christmas Wish List

I have all of a sudden become SUPER excited for Christmas. Not sure if it is because the weather has finally turned in London (had to wear gloves for the first time today or if it is all the Christmas decorations appearing in shops…but I am ready for the mulled wine and holiday cheer. To get us started I thought I would pick out my current favorites that fingers crossed are under the tree! Just click on the images to see prices etc.

First up is shoes, London is a known destroyer of shoes especially since I moved into a cobblestone area. So here are my favorite Keds at the moment; a matt silver and a leopard print that turns into hearts…super cute!


Next up has to be coffee, because turns out there are ways of becoming caffeinated at home! And since its me it has to be brightly coloured.

I have been obsessed with anything galexy print for some time now, can someone pretty please buy me this?

The very first time I came to London I saw this Banksy on Southbank (before I even knew who Banksy was!), so this wall sticker means a lot to me.

And of course it wouldnt be a Runawaykiwi list without some jewellery, so here is my pick for rings, earrings and necklaces…

And if Hollywood movies have taught me anything, Christmas is nothing without a  nice handbag.

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  1. Nice! I too have become a bit of a Christmas fiend. When you don’t have summertime and cherries and central Otago to distract you then getting into the Christmas spirit becomes VERY VERY important x

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