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I have been having some serious laptop issues, you have no idea how hard it is to write a blog post when your screen is flickering on and off. Its like a 90’s rave up in here. So inbetween the flickers I bring you the final travel link up of 2014! I can’t believe that what started as a crazy idea between Kelly, Emma and I has now evolved to over 200 posts by some of my favorite bloggers. To finish of this year we are writing all about Christmas. Now, (big news coming!!!) I am heading home for the holidays, and you can’t even imagine how filled with joy I am to write those words. But since NZ is pretty much all I can think about right now, I had a major case of writers block for this post. Thankfully Emma sent me the below questions and just told me to answer the damn things!

So Merry Christmas to all the bloggers, readers, tweeters and commenters who have made this year of travel link ups amazing.

Asparagus Christmas Crackers

Your favourite London traditions vs. your favourite Kiwi traditions My favorite Kiwi tradition has to be the entierly insane Christmas tasting menu that my family cooks, what started out as twelve courses, quickly moved on to 14 and this year… 15 courses! Part of the fun is spending the weeks before brainstorming food and plating ideas (I have an entire board dedicated to it), and then the day or so all in the kitchen cooking, laughing and story telling. I am so excited for it because it combines everything I miss about home; family, food and laughter.

As for London, my favorite tradition is letting the Christmas lights fill me with seasonal joy. Seriously, there is not a single building of significance that is not ‘clashing coloured and weird shapes bad taste any other time of the year’ covered in lights. Walking down Regent Street, through Hyde Park and even just seeing all the lights up in shops is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Oh and cheap mulled wine is THE BOMB.

Robot jumper

Best costumes Ummmm, Emma what do you mean by this one? I don’t normally dress up for Christmas…or for any holiday for that matter. But I do love how bad taste Christmas jumpers are a thing in the UK, to the extent that a charity is set up for workplaces to hold a Christmas jumper day. Mine of course has robots on it…

Adopting Thanksgiving as a Kiwi I am SUPER excited about this one. I may or may not have bullied Jess into hosting an American thanksgiving for a bunch of excitable bloggers. There will be turkey and pie (I’m making the pie which is concerning) and a blog post to come. I think stuffing yourself with food and being thankful for friends is a tradition that should be adopted world wide.

Christmas panettone

Best Chrissy pressie No doubts about this one, and not specifically a Christmas present. More like a present I received just before Christmas. My first Christmas in London I was hating it, I was skint to the max which meant I was not able to enjoy anything Christmassy and spent most of my time just being sad. Then my parents did something just…perfect. They knew how much I loved baking, and also that I couldn’t afford non-essential food. Then one day I got an email that they had put a $300 baking float into my account, money that was specifically intended for the purpose of silly old enjoyable baking. It did more for my mental health, love of Christmas and homesickness then any physical present could have done. Good work Mum & Dad.

Ummmm what you’re buying me for Christmas? Do you even need to ask?

Worst Christmas (if the parent’s don’t read your blog) Well the parents do read my blog (Dad is my long distance proof reader), but I think my worst Christmas is that first one in London. I just hated being so far from home on such a special day!

Christmas in Piccadilly Circus

Must do list in London I would say that the Christmas markets down by Southbank are an ideal way to kick start Christmas, and the Christmas windows at Harrods/Fortnum and Masons et al are just spectacular. Its also fun to get really into the other Christmas activities here i.e. the competition over the Christmas adverts that happens every year. Most of all, if you are in London on Christmas Eve you have to go to the carols at the Royal Albert Hall which is magical.

Best Christmas food 15 courses..nuff said.


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