Two new coffee shops waiting to be discovered #5

With everything happening in Paris at the moment, I have decided to take a break from my holiday posts…it just didn’t feel right to keep going. So for the moment, here are some London based adventures and we will get back to Paris later.

The Wren London

The London café scene was getting me down, it felt like groundhog day with the same flat white day after day. I don’t know what I wanted exactly but just something…different. Thankfully today I have two cafes for you that fit the bill in their own unique ways. Read about them below and then try for yourself!

1. The Wren – EC4V 4BJ

The Wren coffee London

The Wren is really something special; the high ceilings make it feel like a hallowed space;  a place to worship coffee. Now don’t expect a full brunch at The Wren, its all about the perfectly made coffee and if you are lucky a croissant on the side. I would love to hold an event at the Wren, but in the meantime I will just have to enjoy the calm space perfect for hours of coffee fuelled blogging.

2. Paper and Cup – E2 7JP

Paper and Cup London

Paper and Cup is something that you don’t often find in Shoreditch; a café with a conscience. The café as well as making great coffee is actually a not for profit social enterprise, the baristas are all in recovery for addiction issues. Paper and Cup trains them up, giving them a trade and me a lovely place to enjoy a flat white. Paper and Cup also open every Wednesday night to act as a safe and alchohol-free place for those with addiction problems to hang out. I love a cafe with a heart.

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  1. Thank you so much – I’ve been looking for a good place near St Paul’s to meet up with my city-based friends for lunchtime coffee dates (that I can fit a buggy into and not fork out for a full lunch either~) and the Wren hits the spot perfectly!! You are a fountain of knowledge Madam Runaway Kiwi.

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