Finding Art on Millennium Bridge

Chewing gum art in London

So many times in London I have to remind myself to look up and appreciate the magic of the city. I’m usually so busy using my elbows to battle my fellow commuters (I have perfected my technique), music loud and footpath focused that I miss out on the beauty of London. Except that is when London goes out of its way to show you the magic right at your feet.

London chewing gum art by Ben Wilson

I was fighting my way across Millennium bridge the other day trying to get to The Wren. As per usual I had my iPod in, and was pretty much ignoring the view; you know you have settled in London when you are happy to ignore all the monuments up and down the Thames. Then something caught my eye, a little bit of colour at my feet. It was busy to I just figured it was a bit of rubbish or something, and kept walking. Then I saw another and another. Someone had used the old chewing gum stuck on the bridge as a canvas for mini paintings.

I’m 90% sure these are the work of Ben Wilson, who is known to make life little better by making discarded gum into art. I just love the attitude, I mean no one else seems to care about cleaning up the gum (there is a special circle in hell for people who just spit it onto the floor) and so why not use it to make the world a prettier place?

I made a special trip back when the bridge was quieter to take photos of as many as I could find. By the end of the short walk across the bridge I was nearly cross eyed from focussing on the lined metal platform. But it was totally worth it to be let into the secret art of Millennium Bridge.

Ben Wilson Chewing Gum Art London chewing gum art

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