How not to go crazy when GROing out curly hair

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To paraphrase Elle Woods; I want to talk to you all about something important to all of us…my hair. Since moving to London my mop of curls has gotten shorter and shorter. Mostly because short hair is so much easier to deal with in the London microclimate but also because when you move to the other side of the world, you can let your rebellious side loose (don’t worry Mum, no tattoos as of yet).

So short and shorter it has been for the last three years. Its been a struggle I’m not going to lie, short hair just makes me feel less like a girl somehow. I know that is totally down to society’s conditioning (I blame the flowing manes of all those Disney Princesses) but I can’t help it. Of course I got used to it, and there is nothing like feeling like a total rock chick with short hair and a miniskirt – ready to take on the world. Man reading that back makes it sound like I didn’t like my short hair, I had so much fun with it! And I will for sure cut it of again at some point (there is no comparable feeling to walking into a hair dresser and saying ‘take it all off’), but for the moment…big announcement…I’m growing my hair.

How will this impact your life my dear reader? Well…it won’t. But my friends and colleagues are already getting great enjoyment from the stages of curl growth, so far we have gone from Bradley Cooper to Sideshow Bob. I have multiple people willing to sign a document saying that is not an exaggeration.

How to tame curls for a night

So how the hell am I going to get through my hairs awkward phase? I mean the phase where my ‘look’ will alternate between Best Dog in Show labradoodle and River Song with the occasional stop at Justin Timberlake noodle hair? Enter stage left, Seraphina from Gro Hampstead. Now when Seraphina contacted me offering free haircuts for a year, my first thought was absolute blind panic because 99.9% of hair dressers have no idea what to do when faced with curls. Like at all. I can’t even count the number of snip happy hairdressers have smiled and given me layers even after expressly being told that layers are the arch enemy of curls.

Runawaykiwi sisters

But after doing a Gro Hampstead drive by (they are in the O2 Centre), and stalking Seraphina on twitter (don’t roll your eyes at me, how do you know a hairdresser is good unless you can stalk her on social?), I decided to take the plunge. The first time I actually went to Gro I knew I had made a good life choice. Not only is the entire salon very Instagrammable, but within 4 minutes I had a coffee and the wifi code…Runawaykiwi heaven.GRO London

Seraphina put my mind at rest, SHE TOTALLY UNDERSTOOD CURLY HAIR. When we were talking about colour (I’m going blond!) I didn’t even have to prompt her to choose the oil based colour which would be kinder to my psychotic curls (my words, not hers). And then when it came to applying the dye she knew to go chunky in the application so that the colour wouldn’t get lost in the curls. Turns out that this partnership with Gro was going to be the best thing possible for my year of growing out my hair. I come in with my Pinterest board of pipe dreams, and Seraphina and the team figure out what is actually possible and how to get me there.

My Sister

Oh and the other reason I am growing my hair? My big sister is getting married! The big day is planned for October in New Zealand, and for some reason I want to have long hair for the photos. I mean, who doesn’t like a whimsical platted up do at a wedding?  Anyway, I can’t wait for long hair and to see my sister walk down the isle. Its going to be a big year.



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