How far would you go for éclairs?

Sweet treats in Paris

Oh I love a good éclair. I mean what other treat would you design an entire day around? Last time I was in Paris I happened upon L’Eclair de génie the most banging éclair shop ever. The éclairs are small compared to what you get in England and seem expensive too (€5 per), but holy hell the flavours are immense.

After taking two metros to get to the St Paul L’Eclair de génie store the first problem was which delicious little jeweled treat to buy. There were about ten different choices and I had to battle with the inner blogger as to if I went with the ones that looked the prettiest or the flavours that I would actually like. No surprise given my capacity for food that the flavours won and I purchased; passion fruit and milk chocolate, raspberry cream, and mascarpone chocolate biscuit. The next problem was where to eat them?

Now last time I was here I made it about 3 meters from the shop before digging in. Hey, don’t judge they are really that good. But because I was only in Paris for a couple of days I wanted something a bit more…French. So I walked, and walked, and walked. I went from St Paul down the riverbank to the Louvre and the Tuilerie gardens. For some unbeknownst reason I decided this vista was not well suited to the flavours of eclairs so I kept on walking.

Shakespeare and Company Paris

I crossed the river and wandered down to Shakespeare and Company, the famous book shop which has served as a base for writers for 96 years (they let writers sleep in the shop in exchange for a few hours work). I couldn’t stay too long getting lost in the books, I was holding three beautiful éclairs after all.

There was only one place that would work; Notre Dame. I wandered across the love locks bridge and found a bench outside the beautiful old beast of a church. People were milling around, pick pockets were asking you to read things and one particularly dumb group of kiwi girls were asking if Notre Dame was the one who predicted the end of the world. #embarrassedtobeakiwi

L'eclair de genie the best eclairs in Paris

I put on my iPod and cranked up a bit of Rudimental and dug into the first éclair. I tried for a while to take a selfie of me eating the first éclair but it is impossible without looking like you are giving someone a blow job – sometimes its hard being a blogger.

The original intention was just to have one now and save the rest for an after dinner treat, but with the setting and the music and the crisp winter air it was just all to perfect to stop at one. So I kept going and polished off all three. I mean, when you are in Paris you just have to do these things right? My favourite by far was the mascarpone which had full chunks of chocolate amongst the cream and endless caramel sauce drizzled along the top. Sigh, can I eat these every day?

Love Locks bridge in Paris

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12 thoughts on “How far would you go for éclairs?

    1. It’s never to early! Full disclosure these may have been breakfast…but when in Paris right?

  1. Seriously just laughed outloud while chewing on a mouthful of chicken. I applaud both your search for a suitable eclair-eating location as well as your decision not to take “that photo”.

    1. I have shown an inappropriate number of people this photo…some people have pictures of children in their wallets I have…

  2. That photo would have been hilarious. I want to dive into your blog and eat those eclairs… Hungry cake lady now.

    1. Just leave the kids at home (they are old enough to look after themselves now right??) and go to paris for the day…or find an eclair smuggler..

  3. whaaaaaattt?????? There is an eclair shop in Paris?? How did I not know about this! I love eclairs – when I was in Bordeaux I kept going to all the pastries trying to get one I liked! I would go really far for an eclair! 🙂

    1. Trust me its worth going all the way just for them.. So so good and new flavours every season!

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