Then came the blog

We interrupt the previously scheduled Paris post to bring you the February travel linkup, this time its all about the unexpected benefits of blogging. Now I could wax lyrical about the afternoon teas, the travel and the coffee, oh the coffee. But instead I bring you  my interpretation on the one truly unexpected benefit of blogging.





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Author: runawaykiwi

25 thoughts on “Then came the blog

    1. Me to! I don’t think I had ever written a think till I started blogging, I hated writing at school!

  1. Love that! It’s so true. I knew I would be drinking lots of coffee and exploring new places when I started my blog, and I knew I would have fun being creative with it, but I never could have imagined how great the blogging community is.

  2. Love this! It’s so different to the other posts in the link up. And oh so true, especially the last bit. I’m so glad to have met others in the community at the latest afternoon tea.

    1. Hehe I’m always in trouble for doing something left field! Lovely to meet you too! Xx

  3. Look at your getting all creative! Nice work, as a non coffee drinker I can appreciate that coffee picture! Thanks for letting me join in this month x

  4. That’s how Runaway Kiwis should always celebrate – with allllll the beautiful polka dots!
    (Ps. you have to share the tale of your blog background with the world someday soon!)

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