Turns out Auckland is kind of Rad

The Return of Rad an amazing Auckland cafe

I was feeling quite cocky about the London cafe scene. After all our coffee roasters have some of the most impressive beards in the industry and we all know the relationship between beards and coffee:

Beard Length v Coffee
Because of this I wasn’t actually planning to blog much while I was in New Zealand, after all what was the point writing about the poor backward brunch cousin. Queue awkward jaw dropping when my Mum took my jet lagged self to The Return of Rad on my first day in Auckland. First up was that it looked like a cool cafe, so different to the normal Kiwi white plastic table numbers I was expecting.

After sitting down and trying to figure out what time zone my stomach was in, I went for the eggs Benedict and a flat white (of course). Holy crap. Turns out in New Zealand having a ‘good’ brunch is no longer the aim. While in London I am rating eggs Benedict by a home made holindase and perfectly toasted muffins, in New Zealand it’s all about invention.

The Return of Rad Eggs Benedict

It was like going into a Michelin starred restaurant and asking for chicken: you know you will get a beautifully presented plate with unusual but perfectly complimentary flavours. And that’s what I got at Rad. Instead of the standard eggs benne, I got a ham hock and apple delight.

It was sweet and savoury and something I would expect as a main in a Heston restaurant not a cafe in Mt Eden. Forget your boring muffin, the eggs were on a crispy potato gratin, and along with the creamy holindase there was grated apple and melt in your mouth ham that was more akin to a slow cooked pulled pork. Mum had a pretty looking muesli presented in the Kiwi version of a mason jar. It almost goes without saying that the coffee was perfect.

So, turns out I might be blogging a bit on this trip…stay tuned it’s going to be a caffeine fueled ride.

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10 thoughts on “Turns out Auckland is kind of Rad

  1. Haha this is great. I totally love the NZ cafe scene – it has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years (the revolution championed predominantly by bearded men, of course)…So when I moved to Southeast London two weeks ago (because my sister lives there, not because I thought Southeast London was the place to be) I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of coffee, deliciousness of food and length of beard in what I thought was the least cool part of London. I haven’t explored anywhere North of the river yet but I will be using your Pinterest map as the starting point!

    1. Welcome to London!!! I really need to investigate North a bit more, apparently some amazing places up near Islington.

  2. Now that is just unfair. I’ve not been back in so long I keep telling myself I’m totally up with the hip and cool London scene, but how can they go and change all that!

    1. Totally unfair. Would make life in London easier if at least I could be smug about the coffee!

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