A solar system of friends and Good One cafe

Good One Cafe

This might sound a bit hippy dippy, but I truly believe in having a solar system of friends. Imagine that you are the centre of your own universe (come on, as a Gen Y you should have NO problem with this). All throughout your life you will have people orbiting, some will be a constant always within reach, others will be heartbreakingly close for a short time before continuing on their own journey. This might be more obvious for expats reading this, but its also very true as people start to get married and have kids. It may feel like you have lost them, but actually life might just be waiting until your orbits come into alignment again. I told you it was a bit hippy right? But if Kim Kardashian has taught me anything, in 2015 being a bit hippy is in.

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One of the shining stars in my universe is my friend Kylie who I only talk to through complete serendipity once a year. We went to high school together but were in different circles and didn’t have much time for each other. That was until one bizarre moment when we decided to run for school council together under the slogan of ‘vote blond’. Amazing right?

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Since then we have been soul sisters. Together we have been through some serious up and downs, and throughout it all have just understood each other. Now she is living in Australia and is a midwife that has delivered close to 1,000 babies – I in comparison dropped a bowl of cornflakes on my foot last night as I attempted to make them for dinner. #fail

We are both useless at staying in touch. Yes we follow each other on Facebook so keep up with the major plot points in each others lives, but regular skypes/letters/texts just don’t seem to factor in our brains. And yet for the last two years we have happened through pure coincidence to meet up in New Zealand, our trips overlapping by a day and its like we have never been apart.

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We met up at Good One coffee (amazing café by the way) and spent three hours catching up on those bits of our lives that weren’t major Facebook status making plot points. We moved from one coffee, to two, from smashed avocado to Little and Friday doughnuts. For that one café visit we didn’t live in different countries, we were back in Auckland just like nothing had ever changed. Well, I say nothing had ever changed, we are both happier than ever finally starting to live the lives we want. The conversations we have now on our yearly orbital collision are full of hope.

And the café? I can’t help but have a place in my heart for somewhere that a) serves Little and Friday doughnuts, and b) doesn’t kick out two girls who have been chatting for three hours. An absolute gem.


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    1. You my dear are essentially a moon that brings me coffee and organises my entire life …

  1. I think everyone has a friend like this in a faraway place. The conversation doesn’t stop, it just pauses for a while every now and then, and when it restarts you just pick up straight away from where you left off. It’s nice.

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