Aucklands newest (and cutest) wholefood café

Mondays Cafe Auckland
Sometimes you want healthy. I mean don’t get me wrong it still has to be tasty as fuck, but healthy none the less. After a week of indulgence (my parents were showering me with love in the form of food) I needed to consume something that wasn’t full of sugar, carbs or alcohol*. Here however formed the dilemma, I wanted guilt free but I still wanted the café vibe. Enter Mondays.

Mondays Cafe

Hidden down a driveway in Kingsland (hidden being the operative work, you have to be Sherlock to find it) is Mondays, a wholefood café that specialises in raw, vegan and simply delicious food. It is the darling creation of Eleanor the brains behind the Petite Kitchen blog and the cookbook of the same name. I actually went to primary school with Eleanor, and am glad that the old Mums network that keeps an eye on all the people you went to school with is alive and well; after all it led me to Mondays!

I went for a chia seed parfait (black chia seeds, coconut cream, vanilla bean and fruit) and my Mum went with the papaya boat filled with paleo granola. Mum was shocked beyond belief that hers was actually served in half a papaya. NB: for anyone who lives outside NZ fruits like papaya are redonkulously expensive. It was lovely sitting out in the sunshine with Mum, feeling angelic for eating this healthy food as we planned a trip to a vineyard.

Mondays Wholefood coffee

This was also the ultimate in ‘oh my god bloggers are such a pain in the ass’ experience for Mum. Now, all bloggers know that bright direct sunshine is not ideal for food pictures. The light reflects weirdly and shadows creep over the food when you try to take an overhead shot. Not wanting to be too much of a bother I attempted to take a couple of photos but was dissatisfied with the results. I put my camera away giving up on the blog post, but Mum took that moment to get all… efficient.

Mondays Wholefoods Papaya Boat

Picking up two plates and a coffee she marched MARCHED from the small garden where we were sitting around to the front of the building. Picking another table (out of the direct sun) she put the food down and looked at me. Seeing the ‘hurry up I want to drink my coffee’ look on her face I took photos as fast as I could. Imagine how much better my blog would be if I lived with Mum full time…


*of course, if you asked my parents they would say that travelling with me is like traveling with a misbehaving 3 year old who demands ice-cream every ten minutes…

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  1. Whaaaat that looks delicious! I tried to eat there on Friday, but I couldn’t find any food-food (and was starving after class), so had to abandon it. Will definitely have to try again next time!

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