My tequila hero

Sandy Bay Pina Colada at Havana Cabana

After Christmas we went up to Sandy Bay for a few days at the beach. Annoyingly the sea was full of weed so we wiled away the days playing boggle, having sober dance parties to Taylor Swift, and on my part of course blogging. On the other end of the beach was Havana Cabana, a bizarre addition to a Kiwi beach; but to be honest who is ever going to turn down pina coladas and churros?

We had been talking about the pina colada element of this for about two days, seriously there was nothing more exciting. Nothing.

Sandy Bay Havana Cabana

The first time we tried to go we had waited too long and the shop was closed. Like an arrow through the heart. The second time we tried it was raining, and I mean I have really curly hair so I can’t walk down a beach in the rain. Like a sword through the eye. The third time, the third time is hard to speak about. We walked ALL THE WAY DOWN THE BEACH* to Havana Cabana, went to order and at that point discovered that they didn’t accept cards…only cash. I also discovered at this point that the pina colada of my dreams was actually non-alcoholic. I wept.

Up stepped my tequila hero, a boy that I had watched grow up; a boy that at this point turned into a man. Seeing my despair he ran RAN down the beach. Dodging overweight sunbathers, and pushing small children out of the way he was on a mission. I stayed by the café weeping softly and gazing into the distance.

Sandy Bay tide out

Then like Rocky climbing those stairs or Carrie finding the perfect pair of Louboutins he appeared across the sand. As he ran those last few sandy paces he handed me the cash from one hand and a jam jar full of tequila*** from the other.

That brave hero died that day on the sand** a life given in aid of the universal dream for alcoholic cocktails consumed while looking over the beautiful crashing waves. We raised our heavily spiked pina coladas and held a moment of silence**** for our lost hero. Never forgotten.

Sandy Bay Hero

Oh and we did get that swim in the end in case you were worried. We walked over the hill to a calm spot on Daisy Bay (not a nudist beach despite the clever signage addition) and had pretty much the perfect beach. We were the only ones there, there were wave sets to body surf in, clear calm water in-between to float and chat, and at the end of the day only our foot prints in the sand. Perfection.

Daisy Bay Nudest Beach


*Ok to be fair this was only a ten minute walk. But it was hot. And have you tried walking on sand DON’T JUDGE ME

**this is entirely untrue, he was fine drank tequila and then played boggle.

*** it should have been rum, but I will forgive him on this occasion

****Sorry another lie here, if you have ever seen me drink tequila you would know that the one word that could not be used to describe me is silent.

Sandy Bay tequila

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