Where do you look for inspiration?

I am in a blogging rut. I have written up my New Zealand trip and loved walking through the memories, but now I can’t quite remember what to do. How does this London blogging thing work again? I have a list of posts to write but I need some sparkle, some inspiration…or maybe just some caffeine.

My blog has evolved hugely in the last couple of years. For the three of you (I must buy you a drink some time) who have been reading from the beginning you will have seen it change from a blog that was updated every day with  sentence or two, to this behemoth where most posts are over 600 words and are normally totes emosh or awkward stories.

By god I enjoy my blog now more than I ever have. I LOVE storytelling. At school I had to bribe myself with candy to write 100 words, and now I happily pour my heart into my laptop at every opportunity.

Anyway I digress, inspiration. I feel like I am at a crossroads with my life at the moment (is there such a thing as a 26 year old mid-life crisis?) and since Runawaykiwi is just a reflection of my state of mind it is all of a sudden hard to pick a direction to write in.

So what is the plan? I’m going to go back to basics for a while, I have some amazing coffee and brunch spots that I want to tell you about while I try to sort my creative brain out. And I’m heading off to The Hive this weekend which will hopefully glitter bomb the parts of me that are crying out for creative inspiration.


Oh and I’m also going to try and figure out just what the hell chia seeds are…


Where do you look for inspiration?

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  1. I look for inspiration in the things I love mostly. Gets me excited and more enthusiastic about the creative process 🙂

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