Don’t judge me for my selfies

Not selfies

*all photos kindly provided by other humans*

Oh the selfie, mocked by all treasured by few. The general consensus is that selfie taking reveals how vain a person is. You scroll through Instagram and just see endless close up faces, all taken slightly from above because we all know that is the most flattering angle. Taking selfies makes you a Kardashian, little substance just obsessed with projecting a filtered and flattering version of your face on an unsuspecting internet.

When I was looking through photos from my recent trip to New Zealand I noticed something really strange, there were photos of me. For most people this wouldn’t be something out of the ordinary but I live by myself in London. And more than that I like hanging out with myself (not a euphemism), drinking coffee with myself and going on holiday with myself. All of this means that my photos tend to be of monuments and food, not my lovely face.

I looked back over my 2014 photos (all 12,000 of them!!!) and there were maybe 10 of me, and most of those were group shots or accidently having my camera around the wrong way (#awkward). Its only going home and being around family where my life gets documented; go to a vineyard take a photo of you drinking wine, go to a beach take a photo of you on the beach, go to a cafe take a photo of you drinking coffee. I never thought it was important, after all I want to look back at places not me. But, but it is important isn’t it?

I know that I am no longer growing (lol to that I have been this short arse height since I was 13), but there are those indefinable changes that happen to you throughout your life. I want to be able to look back and see myself as that baby expat scared of getting the wrong tube and then look in the mirror and see the girl who is happy to get lost in London every day.

So short of hiring a professional paparazzi to follow me round (you can do that, seriously) I am left with the selfie. The vain ‘look at me’ picture that we all see as a tool for mockery and derision. That signifier that the person in the photo needs something bigger to think about. That way that I can see my life progressing and changing for the better.

So don’t judge me for me selfies, just think of them as a time capsule to be looked at in years to come.

Although if you have enough to make a flip book out of you may have gone a little too far…


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9 thoughts on “Don’t judge me for my selfies

  1. There aren’t that many photos of me because I don’t like photos of me. But I’m aware of it, and try not to avoid the camera so much. I’m also aware that I pull ridiculous silly faces in front of the camera. It’s nice to have a few decent photos a year, just to know what I looked like when I was pulling a silly face. Unfortunately, I’m always the one carrying a nice camera, to the point that my friends no longer bother carrying a camera because they just look at my photos instead.

  2. Well, If I were pretty I can assure you I will take more selfies than Kim Kardashian! But the other reason why I don’t take more selfies is because I don’t wan’t to be considered vain, which is stupid because before all the crazy Internet you would mostly take pictures of yourself in new places (Pisa Tower much?) or with your friends and family. Monuments and landsacapes were left to the actual photographers.
    I usually take selfies with my wife because we travel alone and, well, we want to have memories like you say. We want to laugh with our hairstyles, weight fluctuations and weird faces. We want to remember the excitement of a new destination (train/plane selfie!) or a special moment. I think the problem is not taking selfies but sharing them, that’s when we get scared of what other people think.
    Aaand, that was a long comment! have a great day!

  3. Ive had to suck it up and do selfies just so I can ‘prove’ to myself that I did actually travel to all these places.

  4. Im not a huge selfie fan and always tend to poke my tongue out or pull a face to make me look stupid but feel less awkward haha but Im the same as you, here in London by myself, travel by myself and I want pictures for memories of me actually in these exotic places i am getting to travel to so selfie or nothing! xx

  5. If you’ve seen my Instagram feed then you know I love a good selfie. I love looking back and seeing the way my face is changing as I age, how my smile differs depending on the place/situation. And yes, I like having a document of what I’m doing in life to look back on later.

    Sad story: we (my husband, his brothers, and our sister in law) threw a 50th anniversary party for the husband’s parents earlier this year. I was behind the camera the entire time and while others were taking pictures with their own cameras and phones there was not one single picture of me the entire night besides one grainy one my husband accidentally took of me. You know what does exist? Two selfies I took while getting ready – before makeup and after. I figure if no one is going to document my damn presence I may as well do it myself.

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