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View of London from St Paul's

I am struggling so much to write this month’s ‘things I would never do again’ travel link up post. Like really struggling. I’m currently sitting in a cafe sipping on my third flat white and I still have a blank piece of paper in front of me. It’s not that I don’t have an endless supply of awkward stories (this is me after all #queenofawkward) it’s just that I can’t quite get my brain to regret any of them. Same goes with ‘bad’ travel moments, or situations that have formed my black and white life rules – they have all made me the person I am today.

So what the hell am I going to write about? I have no idea either. #fuck

Fourth flat white.

Ok lets try this.

Never ever have I ever fallen in love with men who bring me food

  • I am eternally single mostly because of my tendency to turn into a stuttering idiot around nice boys, but I do fall in love with men who bring me food. It probably because a) they bring me food (there really isn’t a b here, it is just the food thing), and I know that the interaction has quite clear parameters. I order, they bring me food – the banter that goes on just fits around that. But I don’t regret it one little bit, its fun and who knows I might end up with a hot coffee making husband (CALL ME RORY).

Never ever have I ever felt cafes are a waste of money

Dear Jervois sage fried eggs

  • Yes when I added up how much I spent on flat whites and brunch over the last year it almost gave me a heart attack (I am onto about £35 today alone). But cafes are my little slice of luxury. I can’t afford the five star hotel or the weekend jaunt to Rome, but I can order a kick ass flat white in a hipster cafe and feel like I have my life together. Not to mention that most of the barristers are gorgeous (see point above).

Never ever have I ever refused to wear a jacket to an interview

  • This harks back to my tax accountant days, where I was told to wear makeup, wear high heels and of course wear a jacket. This still irks me, I want to work for a company that values my intellect not my ability to walk in stilettos or carry off a shoulder pad. Don’t get me wrong I dress nicely for interviews, like the best version of myself but it is my own little test. If a company doesn’t want to hire me because I am not wearing a jacket, well they are seriously measuring me by the wrong metrics. Oh and paradoxically I have a kick ass collection of jackets that I wear to work on a normal day…

Never ever have I ever been just a little bit flaky

  • All my friends know that I am hopeless at replying to messages, and that a month will go by without hearing from me – and by god I feel bad that I’m not better at this. But my brain just can’t cope with the constant contact, I am a true introvert and need down time. Thankfully my friends are AMAZING and just seem to get this about me.

Never ever have I ever valued safety over adventure

Cat sleeping in the tannery of Marrakesh

  • When Emma and I were in Marrakesh recently terrorists were arrested all over Morocco on the second day of our trip. I’m sure we could have continued on with our tiki tour plans to see waterfalls, camels and endless sand but there was a chance (slight though it was) that there would be attacks on tourists in retaliation for the arrests. I just can’t be doing with the stress, I would prefer four days of reading and relaxing by the pool rather than seeing amazing things with a ball of worry in my stomach the entire time. I know this is not a normal travel blogger train of thought, but hey its how I roll.

Never ever have I ever gone on an 18-35 holiday

  • Right of passage? Convenient way to see the world? I went to Egypt with Contiki and loved every minute (well maybe not the 28 hour train calamity). I was 19, the group was entertaining and the country was just breathtaking. It is one of my favorite holidays to date and although I don’t think I would hurry to join a group like that again I look back on it with a huge smile on my face.


Whats your never ever have I ever?

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  1. I hear ya on the food and men! I like a man who can eat. I’m convinced that I’ll marry a man who knows that I love bread and potatos and pistacchio is my favorite ice cream!


  2. Love the jacket to interview thing – thankfully accountancy land has calmed down on the dress code as I rarely bother, but I know what you mean for an interview or big meeting, it is just expected – but is it me/you – no. I much prefer a little jacket with jeans at the weekend… but how would jeans go for an interview!!

    1. When are they going to make suit trousers that are as comfortable as jeans??!

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