The inevitable things that happen when its springtime in London

London Fields wild flowers

You are never wearing the right clothing

You will optimistically leave your umbrella at home on the one day it rains that week

Gin gardens start to colonise the city

Because of the above, gin becomes an verb and no one will question you if you answer ‘gin’ when asked about your evening plans

You start planning amazing trips around Europe now that the sun is back

You realise you can’t afford those trips so book a train to Brighton

Princess Catherine has a new baby (seriously every year)

Cherry blossems take over Instagram

You get excited about living in London again

The tube instantly becomes the temperature of an oven while also smelling like wet dog

Every day you look at the skirts in your wardrobe and then put the same old jeans on

New Zealand finally quits with the summertime beach photos on Facebook


Author: runawaykiwi

15 thoughts on “The inevitable things that happen when its springtime in London

  1. haahahhaah this is so true! But it feels amazing when it’s finally summer! The funny thing to me at the beginning is that people use the parks as if it was the beach, everyone in bikini even if it’s just 15 degrees! After a while I take it as the norm

    1. I know, as soon as the sun comes out people just sit half naked on any available grass – even right next to the road in the middle of the city!

  2. And you are never, EVER wearing the right clothes for summer and the tube. Its inevitable that you will always end up a sweaty mess wherever you go.
    Laura @ Laughter is Catching

    1. You are totally right, because even if you manage to dress for the weather outside the tube will be the complete opposite!

  3. Quite pleased I’m leaving New Zealand when the weather is starting to go off and head to London for a second summer this year…

    1. I feel like people who manage to have multiple summers are the real winners at life GOOD WORK

  4. And weird pockets of weather suddenly appear out of nowhere – like it might just randomly hail in Essex but everywhere else is fine. And you’ll inevitably get caught in it!

    1. Oh 100%. I come to work looking like a drowned rat and everyone else walks in dry as a bone!

  5. Haha – YES – that’s hilarious! I realised that German people also have no idea what on earth to wear when a heatwave starts – many just end up naked at the lakes! EeeeP!

  6. I think it’s time for you to republish this. Yesterday, when I ran away to London to avoid your latest blog post, I got soaked in a hailstorm when 10 minutes before and 10 minutes afterwards it was a sunny day… Spring is definitely back…


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