19 things that happen when you get a million followers on Pinterest

1 million Pinterest followers

  1. The Queen writes you a congratulations letter
  2. All of a sudden you can actually do nail art with your left hand
  3. The secret ‘Crossed Pins’ society welcomes you in a ceremony featuring mason jars
  4. The Crossed Pins force you to actually get one of the tattoos you have pinned (sorry Dad!)
  5. It will never rain on you unless you wish it
  6. Those motivational quotes work and you become the most motivated person on earth
  7. You get the power to turn water into gin, but no one notices because they are both clear
  9. Guys in bars forget the hot girl and instead want to talk to you about homemade jam
  10. Annual leave becomes unlimited so you have time to see all the things
  11. Everyday is a good hair day
  12. You wake up to find Ryan Gosling in your room staring at you
  13. Discovering that unexpectedly waking up to Ryan Gosling is creepy not awesome
  14. You all of a sudden enjoy working out early in the morning
  15. Cats are overwhelmed by your popularity and obey your every whim
  16. You can pick somewhere off your ‘where I want to live’ board to live rent free
  17. You no longer need to reserve restaurants in London restaurants, they are just ‘available’ to you
  18. You feel justified spending so much time looking for pretty things
  19. You are allowed to drive sheep across London Bridge


*Please note, this is all lies. Believe it or not life just carries on as normal except a few more people see that picture of a cat that you like. Oh except number 18, that is true.*

Author: runawaykiwi

5 thoughts on “19 things that happen when you get a million followers on Pinterest

  1. Ha ha. I thought you would see real double rainbows everywhere in real life. If I don’t get that I see no reason to join the Crossed Pins Society.

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