Runawaykiwi’s Pinterest tips for bloggers

Pinterest tips for bloggers

Ok so my last post was a little facetious*. Seriously it is insane to have this many Pinterest followers, and makes me all of a sudden fell a little like I shouldn’t pin quite so many cats. Eh who am I kidding cats are awesome PIN ALL THE CATS. Today I thought I would give you my best tips for getting re-pins and click throughs on Pinterest – no matter how many followers you have.

The most important thing to remember is that Pinterest is all about the search. I mean yes when you first pin something you might get a little spike in re-pins and clicks from it showing up in your follower’s feeds, but the vast majority will come from people searching for it. Which is brilliant, because it means that you can succeed with Pinterest if you have 20 followers or 20,000.

Paris on Pinterest

Which brings me to my next point: Pinterest does not know what is in your picture. People finding your pin is dependent on you putting a lot into your descriptions so Pinterest can accurately show it in searches. As an example when I started I would just put ‘Paris’ in the description box, which pretty much means that all those pins would get buried in the huge number of pins relating to Paris. Now days this is a more typical description:

“I thought long and hard before going to Euro Disney also known as Disneyland Paris. I had been to the Disney in LA and was really concerned that Paris wouldn’t live up to the hype, particularly when it looked so expensive. But I managed a short day trip over the weekend I was in Paris and while not budget was certainly affordable. Oh and for that Disney magic totally worth it!”

Disneyland Paris on Pinterest

Using the more detailed description means that it will show up when people search for ‘Disney budget’ ‘Disney weekend’ ‘Disney Paris’ ‘Disney affordable’. Realistically if you were on Pinterest and thinking about visiting Disneyland Paris for the weekend, you would never just search for ‘Disney’, you would add other words to narrow down the search. So as a Pinner you just need to make sure your description has all those other searchable words in it – think about the end user.

The next thing it to make it clickable. When I put up posts like this I get re-pins but no click through.

Motivational Quote Wall

All the information you need is in the Pin, there is no need to click. Same goes for the normal photos that you pin straight from your blog, why would someone click through to read the story when they don’t know its there? In comparison, this pin gets epic amounts of click throughs and almost no re-pins…I wonder why:

Accidental Proposal in Paris

And my last tip is the two apps I use to make my blog photos Pinterest ready. I first use Pic Tap Go to resize the image to a long portrait (I go with 3:4, 5:7, 2:3, 9:16) because long portraits suit Pinterest better than landscape. I also use Pic Tap Go to make any colour adjustments or add filters to make the images stand out more.

Then I hit up Word Swag. I import the image I have just edited in Pic Tap Go, click ‘don’t crop’ (otherwise it will make it square). Then you need to write something clickable to go on the image, make it relevant to the blog post and if possible something you yourself would pin. You can then select text style, reposition etc. Then just go into the Pinterest app and upload your new image, write a kick ass description and link it to your blog post.

I know, way more laborious then just pinning straight from your blog…but you wouldn’t just take chunks of your text and put it on twitter so why do the same for Pinterest?

Any who, any questions just shout!


*Massive understatement.

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  1. I always wondered why people wrote such long descriptions on pins! This is super helpful, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I have been meaning to try and up my pinterest game for flipping ages! I’ll get there – and your tips will help for sure 🙂

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