The one minute update


Apparently the average reading speed is 200 wpm with a comprehension rate of 60%, so here is a one minute update from me!

I got back from New Zealand on Monday and straight back into a storm of bees inside a cat week at work. Your body thinking its 3am while sitting at your desk trying to do a complicated excel formula always adds a nice element of fun to the working week.

The other element of fun* this week was my luggage going missing, oh how your heart drops as everyone else leaves the baggage carousel and you are standing by yourself. I finally got it back last night (it decided to go to Disney without me while in LA) and instantly fell face first into the 6kg of chocolate I brought home from NZ, I am currently the reigning queen of sugar and am conversing with imaginary cats.

I didn’t do any writing while I was in Auckland, but it proved to be the perfect creative mind dunk and I’m buzzing with post ideas (that might still be the sugar). I can’t wait to spend some cafe hours this weekend typing away!

Talk soon,



*fucking unnecessary nonsense

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