Blog Addicts Anonymous – I’m guilty

Blog Addicts Anonymous

I’m Rebecca, and I’m a blog addict.

I’m guilty of stalking cool kids off the internet and bribing them with coffee, gin or blackmail until they agree to be my friend.

I’m guilty of holding the phrase ‘I’m a blogger’ close to my heart, because it makes me so happy and tingle with pride.

I’m guilty of ordering something I don’t feel like at brunch just because it will look better on Instagram,

I’m guilty of feeling guilty when I don’t post regularly.

I’m guilty of using my blog as a therapy session; screaming at the internet sure does help to process emotions.

I’m guilty of threatening to murder people when they are mean to my blogging friends (or non-blogging friends to be honest).

I’m guilty of using gin to overcome the tyranny of the blank page.

I’m guilty of going to countless SEO talks and still not have a fucking clue about it.

I’m guilty of crying over the beautiful comments people leave.

I’m guilty of saying no to going out just because I have posts to write.

I’m guilty of loving this damn hobby way too much.

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9 thoughts on “Blog Addicts Anonymous – I’m guilty

  1. I’m guilty of most of these too! I’ve often tried to persuade Mr Ayla into ordering something that would be Instagram-worthy but he seems to have cottoned on to all my blogging tricks!

  2. I can definitely identify with this! Especially feeling guilty about not posting regularly enough, and cyber-stalking my favourite bloggers! I think I need to embrace the point about gin more though… 🙂

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