Treats from Visit Jersey

So you know, there I was dreaming of an island escape and damn hungry to boot when all of a sudden the island of Jersey offered to send me some treats. Now normally if a stranger offers to send you food you say no and back slowly away (this is London after all). But when that stranger is an island just off the coast of Normandy that is famous for its BLACK BUTTER…you say yes and then cancel all your plans so you can hang out by your front door waiting for it to be delivered.

Jersey Black Butter

So black butter, can we talk about black butter? Holy shit it has changed my life. It looks like a reduced jam type thing, and it tastes like someone managed to reduced the essence of Christmas and put it in a jar. Ok ok the official description is “Peeled and cored apples are cooked down with black treacle, liquorice, cider, brown sugar and spices. This is then cooked slowly over an open gas flame, stirring continuously for several hours.” aka ALL THE GOOD THINGS. In the parcel was an entire jar of the stuff, I totally intended to do some baking but have eaten half of the damn jar by putting it on crackers with some mature cheddar. But I totally got away with not baking since Jersey also introduced me to the best brownies I have ever eaten.

Stop reading this post right now and go and order these brownies:

I’ll wait.

Jersey Zoes Kitchen Brownies

Seriously those Zoes kitchen brownie bites are like crack. Best I can describe is that they are halfway between brownies and fudge. They have this hidden flavour that just made me weak at the knees. My original intention was to share. This did not happen. I ate the entire box in two days.

Visit Jersey Salted Caramel Sauce

After how quickly I got through the sweet treats (there was also a bag of fudge!) I have made an awesome plan for some of the other goodies: Christmas. The salted caramel sauce I think needs to be part of some sort of decadent Christmas Cocktail, and the G’lee d’Jerri I think HAS to be saved for a roast pork. Man I can’t wait for Christmas.

Thank you so much Visit Jersey for my happy little bundle of treats.
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Author: runawaykiwi