The Hungover Supper Club at Fish Market

Fish Market

Every so often an email pops through that causes an instant reaction. When I got an email from Fish Market asking if I wanted to come down and try their new chocolate pot (and dinner) my instant reaction was shouting at Pack your Passport “PLEASE TELL ME YOU ARE FREE FRIDAY NIGHT”. She was and it was locked in.

The reason I was so excited about Fish Market, a restaurant down one of those little side streets near Liverpool Street, is a little bit totes emosh. Fish Market was one of the last places that I went for a drink with my sister before she left London. *sob* Sad but totally amped for a night of fishy fun with Beverley.

That is of course until the day of, when I woke up with a mammoth hangover (it was my leaving party at work the night before). In a miserable state I DM’d Beverley and spent a good 140 characters complaining about my pitiful state, and she replied with her own tale of hungover woe. So that was it, we formed the Hungover Supper Club and The Fish Market would be our first biannual members dinner.

First up the Fish Market is like a frekin Narnia or something. It has this magical courtyard that makes you feel a million miles away from the bustle of Liverpool Street. It might have been verging on winter but tucked under blankets with overhead heaters and fairy lights, this Narnia rocked…and it had wine. Oh and Narnia also had AMAZING fresh crusty bread and salted butter. I like this Narnia.

Predictably the menu is seafood based (even in my hungover state I understood the connection) and after a lovely fig and cured ham starter it was on to the main event, the fish. While being told off by Beverly for not using Goggle Analytics (ugh fair call, setting it up now) I chose the Lemon Sole from the market fresh menu – which means that you chose how its cooked, if it has bones in, what sauce and sides. As you may well know, that many decisions on a hangover is tough, but by supporting each other (and drinking more) we managed it.

The fish was just amazing, the skin was fatty and crispy and just oh so full of flavour. As amazing as the fish was it was the sweet potato mash that we couldn’t stop talking about, and stealing from each other and putting on every bite of fish and tweeting about.

We finished off with the new chocolate pot that tasted exactly like something my Mum made. Unbelievably rich and with sugar biscuits to dip in it was all kinds of melty goodness.

After dinner the Hungover Supper Club rolled down the road to the New Bengal Bar to let out the #ginmonster in me. Hair of the dog had never looked so pretty.

Old Bengal Bar

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