My big sister is getting married tomorrow

Flower crown. My sister is getting married

My big sister is getting married tomorrow, to the guy that she has been hanging around with for the last ten years. They are awesome partners; together they have traveled the world, finished university, landed first, second and third jobs, battled through living in London and are currently finding their feet as they settle in Auckland. Tyler is her perfect match, he has not only managed to put up with my slightly insane family but done it with a smile, a good sense of humour and 90% gluten free.

With the big day tomorrow, here is what I want for my sister as her and Tyler start on this big new adventure.


Wishes for my sister

I want your life to be full of good food, which with Tylers cooking skills and your ability to find the coolest restaurants before the mainstream is an almost certainty.

I want you to visit me in London, so you can meet my friends and we can go on a coffee date like we used to.

I want you to find a house you can start a family in. I know with the property market this may be a long term goal, but I can’t wait to see the grey and leopard print world (with neon accents) you and Tyler create for yourselves.

I want you to have some fantastic arguments. Marriage is the next big adventure, and on adventures it is how you get through the hard times that is far  more important than how you enjoy the easy – argue well, argue hard and try to make a joke or two at the end of it.

I want you to get kittens…because kittens. #kittens

I want you to always have that creative spark. Yes I have just put together 90 place settings with neon thread and feathers, so maybe a little break on the creativity would be good…but you will always be the girl with the great idea, the exciting new, the big smile and the glint in your eye. I can’t wait to see what that creativity brings to your marriage.

I want you to laugh at the dumb things. Our most uncontrollable laughter has always been recounting one of the questionably smart things you or I have done. Induct Tyler into this stupidity, shut his hand in a toasted sandwich maker and then laugh about it afterwards.

I want you to babysit your nephew again. Seriously it will never be as bad as the first time.

I want your life to be full of family frustrations, because that means you are hanging out with both your parents way too much and that can only be a good thing.

I want you to stop liking kale. Because kale is gross.

I want your lives to be full of the crazy. The long drives to festivals, the 18 course degustation menus, the little bit too much to drink.

I want the speeches at the wedding to continue forever. With how much care both of you are putting into your speeches it shows how much you love this community you have built around yourselves, a community that I hope you will have every day of your lives.


But mostly, more than anything else in this world, I want your life to be full of love.


I have no doubt that together you and Tyler can make all my wishes come true.

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  1. Rebecca! Please wish the ‘about-to-say-yes young couple’ all the very best on their big day and most importantly for the next 60 years! Hope you all have a fantastic time tomorrow, rain or no rain! Give a big hug to all from me please! Ariane xoxo

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