You are living in London for a reason

View of London from St Paul's

A couple of you lovely readers have been in touch this week, both with the same question. What can you do about home sickness? This isn’t something that just affects newbies, but you do get sucker punched a little less frequently the longer you are here. I think its because after a couple of years you are more certain about your life in London, and have a support network of sorts to buffer you from homesickness. But unless you have a Tardis, what can you do right now about it?

I can’t make home any closer or the darkness any less depressing. I can’t make onion dip appear out of thin air or transport your cat onto the end of your bed. I’m going to be honest at this point I can’t even figure out the heater in my room. But I do have a solution for your homesickness.

The grass is always greener right? Cast your mind back to the person you were before you moved to London, working the job that bored you to tears, sitting at the desk you hated, staring out the window just after 3pm.  Remember what you used to dream about, that London that was the stuff of legend?

All you need to do to make this homesickness go away is make the light of your current situation shine a little brighter. Get a pen, yes a real pen with ink…its important. We are about to write a list. This is going to be your Anti-Homesickness list full of all those London wishes you had once upon a time. This list will help you remember what the grass in London looked like from the other side of the world.

On your list might be the tourist attractions you wanted to see; Big Ben, St Pauls cathedral or even the Harry Potter Studios. It might be the dream countries you never thought you would get to visit, the job opportunities that are now within reach or the fact that you now live in a country with H&M. The list might hold the insane daydreams you had; walking arm in arm drinking mulled wine with a boy you like, running into Banksy in a pub or making it into the final of X-Factor. It might be as vague as the Facebook status you imagined yourself putting up about Christmas lights, pub rooftops and hipster markets.

Write all those things that you don’t even have words for, just the feelings of possibility, of the potential for change and joy and amazing experiences just waiting for you.

You are in London for a reason. You are putting up with sunset at 3:30pm for a reason. You are currently homesick for a reason. This is just part of achieving all of those amazing things on your list.

You can do this, cut yourself some slack. And if things get really tough make sure you talk to someone about it. You are not alone.



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3 thoughts on “You are living in London for a reason

  1. “Write all those things that you don’t even have words for, just the feelings of possibility, of the potential for change and joy and amazing experiences just waiting for you.” And this is why you are my life coach. Beautiful.

  2. Great post! I moved here 7 months ago, was horribly homesick at first and suffer bouts of it every now and then. I always try and remind myself why I moved here in the first place: because I outgrew Auckland and had a mundane job that bored me to literal tears. Feeling a bit homesick currently because will be my first ever Xmas away from home! Very weird not having summer right now either

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