How to make a dogwood Christmas Wreath

Runawaykiwi getting excited over Christmas Wreaths

There is only one thing that can cause that facial expression (well…two things but only one is blog appropriate), that would be the magical mince pie flavoured world of Christmas Wreath making. For someone who doesn’t decorate her flat at Christmas, making a wreath and donating it to work is my token lovebug for the season. After last year’s traditional wreath this time I decided to do something a little different, a red barked dogwood air plant wreath.

Ok that might have been a little blog lie, when I say ‘decided’ I actually mean that I wanted to hang out with Angloyankophile and she happened to be going to a Geo-Fleur wreath class. Like the original gate crasher that I am I went along too.

Redbark dogwood Christmas wreath

The thing I really liked about the dogwood wreath as opposed to a traditional one is that you don’t have to go to the bother of amputating a fir tree in order to make it. And side benefit, a dogwood wreath won’t die away with your end of year regrets, you can use it again and again.

Step one is to chill out after a glass or two of wine and order dogwood sticks, a copper wreath ring and some decorations off the internet. Let’s all be a little honest here, unless you are half cut you are not likely to actually have the motivation to spontaneously make a Christmas wreath…so wine is, as ever, important.

Once you have sobered up and your internet supplies have arrived it’s time to get your craft on. Start by weaving the dogwood sticks in and out of the copper circlet, no glue or wire here it’s the weaving of the dogwood that will keep it in place. Don’t worry if they don’t appear to hold fast at first, just keep weaving the dogwood in and out until it starts to build up. Now it is super important at this stage to pretend you are Harry Potter and try to conjure a patronus, and then stop when Angloyankphile looks at you with concern.

Once you have built up your wreath (or used up all your dogwood, whichever comes first) it is time to start decorating. If you are using live plants (like the air plants we used) then you will need to use special florist glue, but for anything else just hot glue those suckers on. I would say let your imagination run wild with the decorations, but then your wreath would most likely end up with half a box of crisps and a wild fox glued to it…so try to stick to Christmas themed stuff.

We had berries, eucalyptus and air plants to play with and I have to say I am pretty damn happy with my finished wreath. I have (as always) donated it to work where I will attempt to keep the plants alive until Christmas!

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