Runawaykiwi solves world peace with coffee and rum

Coffee with Currys

Have I mentioned that I *quite* like coffee? Coffee is my happiness when times are hard, it’s my bit on the side of life. But sometimes coffee plays hard to get i.e. it’s raining outside and I don’t want to get out of my pajamas. At home my parents have a Nespresso machine, and I have seriously toyed with the idea of getting one myself purely for the lazy rainy days of London.

It’s not that Nespresso makes the best coffee in the world, I think the independent roasters in London can take that crown. I find it really hard to make consistently good coffee at home even when I’m grinding the beans myself and what the Nespresso offers is a consistently good coffee – I’m talking coffee that even my Dad can make.

Anyway a couple of months ago I was invited to a Nespresso blogging event. The idea with these events is to get a group of bloggers in a room and introduce them to the product, and if they like it they will share with their readers. And for this Runawaykiwi it means turning extremely awkward in a room full of strangers and embarrassing myself somehow – this was no exception.

When I arrived I learned two things, first there was a Twitter competition to win a Nespresso machine running throughout the day, and secondly that my team of bloggers would be starting at the cocktail station. What could go wrong right?

After making (and downing) two coffee and rum cocktails I was both caffeinated and drunk. Imagine a slurry energiser bunny with a kiwi accent. It was at this ‘might get kicked out’ stage that I got AN AWESOME IDEA.

So I hid myself in a corner and, ah … tweeted a bit. Drunk caffeinated me wanted to win the Nespresso machine so I could always feel this phenomenal. Clearly the only thing that would win me coffee glory was solving world peace (read from the bottom up)…

Coffee with Nespresso war

Since winning the machine I have a new routine in the mornings. In my normal WHY THE FUCK AM I AWAKE daze I throw a pod in the machine and make a decent coffee in about ten seconds, then as I am doing my makeup and watching Blackadder, Nespresso slowly turns me human and ready to face the day.

Chur bro.



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  1. Love your posts. Would say more but you’re the funny writer here, not me. Keep at it. Love, old married mom whose true north is working for the man

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