Farringdon: the dream holiday destination

Rookery Hotel Farringdon

I am afraid of flying and anxious about travel in general, a winning combination. After a month of long weeks at work I really wanted a holiday, but without the miasma of stress that came with it. What is a girl to do? Apparently the answer is go to Farringdon.

It’s a decidedly odd feeling to get all packed up only to hop on the Hammersmith and City line for twenty minutes. Honestly it was the most stress free start to a holiday ever. I was so overwhelmed by how easy it was to take the tube to my holiday destination of choice that I actually smiled at a stranger. I, Runawaykiwi, smiled at a stranger on the tube. Either I was seriously sick, or this was the start of a beautiful weekend.

I know you are sitting there thinking this is a really weird idea, Farringdon doesn’t seem like anyone’s first choice..for anything. Well when Travel Supermarket asked me to choose between a night in a windmill in Norfolk or a lighthouse in Cornwall, I asked if there was anything a little closer to home. They said Farringdon and I said FUCK YES BECAUSE THE HOTEL LOOKS LIKE A SET FROM HARRY POTTER.

Farringdon…Hogwarts…same same.

Rookery Hotel Farringdon

The Rookery hotel is exactly what I thought a London hotel would be before I moved to London and realised they were all clones of the Premier Inn. Thought to be built in 1764 the Rookery comes with ACTUAL KEYS, like on a key ring. A key ring that would be defined as a weapon in at least 12 of London’s boroughs.

Walking into my room was like I had been awarded the Prefects badge for Ravenclaw and got upgraded to the best freakin dorm room in Hogwarts. Four poster bed, iron bathtub and a bottle of port waiting to be cracked open. Ok I’m not sure that prefects should be drinking port, but Dumbledore lets us have butter beer so he must be ok with us drinking right?Rookery Hotel Farringdon key

My only issue (one shared I’m sure by many Ravenclaw) is the paintings on the wall. There was an alarmingly disapproving portrait of Joseph Parcroft (the 1700’s tailor my room was named for) on the wall of my room, his eyes perfectly positioned to glare at me as I lay in bed. Way to kill the mood Joe.

The other benefit of a Farringdon holiday, after the stress free travel sitch, is the close proximity to brunch. Five minutes after leaving the hotel I was at Workshop coffee, ready to mainline flat whites to my heart’s content. But here is the truly magic part, after brunching I headed back to the hotel to blog… because unlike most hotels built in 1764 the Rookery had amazing wifi. This is literally the only time you will hear me say this; but I think a hotel in Farringdon might actually be better than Hogwarts? I think Harry Potter would have had a far easier time beating Voldemort if he had wifi and access to Snapchat.

Workshop coffee company brunch

Oh and in case I haven’t sold the Rookery enough here are two very important facts for you:

  1. It has a cat
  2. There is free cake every afternoon

No even kidding, free cake and a roaming cat…totally makes up for the creepy portrait watching you sleep.


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