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Corina Nika

I want to introduce you to one of my favourite internet people Corina. She is a designer living on Kefalonia Island in Greece, prompting me to hate her with every stunning landscape she posts on Instagram.

I am quite aware (I write about it enough) that there is more to life than what you see on social media. After all, London is just as much about rising rents and the sweaty tube as it is about history and amazing pubs. So it got me thinking, is life on a Greek Island as idyllic as it seems?

Many many thanks to Corina for answering my nosy questions!

Is the island really that beautiful or is it all in the filter?
Filters can do only so much! Yes, everything is as beautiful as you see it. The colours are always what blow my mind. The green of the trees and the inane blue and turquoise colours of the sea.

Do you find yourself always wearing turquoise, grey and blue just to match the sea?
Oh not at all! When it comes to clothes I mostly wear white, black and pastels. A few blue details here and there though never hurt 🙂

Why do you live on Kefalonia? Did you see it on Pinterest and think I HAVE TO LIVE THERE?
That would be very romantic, but the story is more down to earth. My husband’s mother is from Kefalonia and he would visit the island every summer. Our first vacation as a couple was at Kefalonia of course, and I just fell in love with this place. At some point as a married couple, we were craving for some quality and peace in our lives and we just went for it!

Talking Pinterest, your poster designs are amazing – where do you get your inspiration from?
Naturally, from my surroundings! From small things like the birds singing or the flowers in my garden and the view.

I imagine you are permanently drinking cocktails on the beach and spontaneously bursting into song every so often (all I know about Greek Islands I learned from Mama Mia), is living in paradise as perfect as it seems?
I wish! I only recently watched Mama Mia, and yes – I could see the resemblance in our lives. Although we don’t dance as much, or spend our days drinking cocktails on the beach, we have the luxury to do just that at any moment we want.

I assumed that to be a designer you would need to be in a big city, how have you found it being on an island?
There are a lot of times that I’ve thought life as a designer in a big city would be much easier, but there are quite a lot of perks living on an island too. I get all the peace, quiet and inspiration I need – and what would a designer need more than those? Being a freelancer, I’m able to travel as much as I want, so any wander lusting or big city craving can be easily covered.

I am (a lot) in love with your photos of the sea, do you get to spend a lot of time outside or are you sitting at a desk inside like the rest of us?
Well my answer will make you quite happy! I do spend my time sitting at the desk 24/7. All seasons except when I’m on vacation you’ll find me working and daydreaming of how it would be like walking at the beach. There are weekends on the bright side though and when I’m not cleaning up the house or sleeping, we might go on a small adventure.

What is your happy place?
Wherever my family is 🙂 Whether that’s in Hawaii, Alaska or a big city.

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