The Runawaykiwi life rules

Find your own fuck level

  1. It’s ok to turn off the news if it is scaring or depressing you.
  2. Never wear a jacket to an interview, they should hire you for your brain not what you are wearing.
  3. Always say hello to a cat if you see it on the street, their time is more important than yours.
  4. Don’t hang out with people you don’t actually like; your energy is too precious to waste.
  5. Clothes that make you smile are just as important as clothes that make you feel stylish.
  6. Always tell friends when they have done something amazing or brave, we don’t get enough credit for adulting.
  7. Don’t feel bad for giving too many fucks or not enough fucks, find your own fuck level.
  8. When someone tells you how to live your life, mostly it is because they want you to be happy and the advice is how they managed it.
  9. Give yourself as many options in life as possible.
  10. If you hate it that much, leave.
  11. Never start an email with ‘I just’.
  12. Make your own measures of success, everyone’s milestones will be different and all of them are worthy of celebration.
  13. You don’t have to smile unless you want to.
  14. Do scary things every day, but you can decide for yourself what counts as scary.
  15. Never feel guilty for what you are eating as long as you are enjoying it rather than eating it mindlessly.
  16. Take time to tell people ‘they can’, other people did it for you.
  17. No one else’s success will take away from your success.
  18. You can never guess what someone is going through, they might not be a bitch they might just be hurting.
  19. If emotion is overwhelming you check to see if you are actually just hungry.
  20. Silliness is important.

Author: runawaykiwi

8 thoughts on “The Runawaykiwi life rules

  1. Yes!! I’m not that fond of cats but sometimes I speak to them anyway. I tell foxes to jog on if they get in my way on my walk home (we have foxes outside Zone 1).

    I wore a jacket to a job interview last week but I teamed it with a charity shop dress and minimal makeup. I got the job.

  2. I went through this thinking “I’m going to tweet my favourite” but there are too many so I’ll just have to tweet the whole thing 😉

    I am guilty of #11 though, whoops.

    4, 7, 10, 12 – probably my favourites. But it’s hard to pick!

  3. #17 is the best of the (very good) bunch. I’ve seen so many people making themselves miserable by failing to apply that rule…

    And taking a leaf out of Rule #6, your blog (and those pesky videos) are amazing! Keep up the good work 🙂


  4. I just want to start my emails any way I bloody well like, stop telling me what to do, just because it made you happy OMG I’M HUNGRY AREN’T I? ?

    In all seriousness, number 17 should be emblazoned upon more places. On the tops of coffees in cinnamon. On passing t-shirts. Shaved into the backs of cats you’re casually chatting to in the street. It’s a useful reminder.

  5. You’re just like the wisest woman I know with all your awesome posts at the moment. Life is being a right pain right now for me and I feel like you need to just share all your wisdom with me. With brunch. Plz?!

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