Cafes with Pokestops in London

Pokemon Cafe London
Well now, who knew that all those hours playing Pokémon as a kid were going to be of more use as an adult than long division. Actually, 11 year old Rebecca could have told you that one. Since I am here as a resource to help you survive London, I simply had to write something to make playing Pokémon Go as enjoyable as possible. As you are wandering around London aimlessly looking at your phone here are my favourite cafes and their nearest Pokestops so you can refuel and get your strength back for your next Poke-battle. NB these cafes also work if you are playing Happen, Ingress or Grinder.
London Grind – Try the little silver dragon on a plinth outside or across the road

White Mulberries – Big stone seat just outside and to the left and the Knight outside the Medieval Banquet

Grounded – the gate to the park across the street

Trade – the entrance to Petticoat Lane market down the road

Blixen – the Ten Bells pub on the corner if you turn right and also the Pear sculpture if you walk the other way

Ozone – The Angel pub on the corner of the road

Lantana Old Street – Susanna Wesley memorial in the church next door

Attendant Coffee Shoreditch – pretty much every piece of street art nearby

Shoreditch Grind – The Mirror Disks around the corner

Friends of Ours – Royal Oak Court gate

Modern Pantry Finsbury Square – The square itself is the Pokestop

The Wren – St Nicholas Cole Abbey and the police box at the end of Friday Street

Notes of Music and Coffee – this one is actually near a gym (National Gallery/Trafalgar Square)

Flat White Soho – Jessie Matthews OBE Plaque and also lots of street art nearby

Timberyard Soho – There is a little blue face in the wall near the cafe

Prufrock – The Clerkenwell House Globe just a few doors down

Fields – The Bandstand mosaic and also one on the lower corner of the pond

Fuckoffee Bermondsey – Both of the sculptures outside the White Cube Gallery

Watch Tower – St Mary Magdalen Church

Creme – The ‘Sky Blue Wall’ street art

Freestate Coffee – The gate to Sicilian Ave next door

Sunday – The Hemingford Arms pub

Flotsam and Jetsam – The Althorp Pub

Story – Very weirdly it’s the Peterkin Custard Ghost sign

Granger and Co – The German Gymnasium, the Birdcage sculpture and the waterfall fountain

Milk in Balham – There should be one just around the end of the market under the sign

Brickwood Clapham Common – The Alexandra and the Clapham Common Clock Tower

Hubbard and Bell – Cleopatra Mall Mosaic

Tonic – This is near a gym (Piccadilly Circus)

Duck and Waffle – The entire tower is the Pokestop

Embassy East – The Whitmore Estate

Bourne and Hollingsworth – The Spa Fields just outside the door

Caravan – The fountain just outside

Let me know your favourite cafe and I will try to let you know the Pokestop nearby!

Happy catching.

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