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Being a young person sucks. I mean yes you get a 10% discount on ASOS and apparently you get taught contouring in school; but by and large it is a time full of turmoil, heartache and trying to figure out just exactly who you are. You have followed four years of my ups and downs, and that is me with a backing of a supportive family and two degrees under my belt. Imagine then what it is like for kids that are vulnerable, are homeless or in care.

Thankfully the Princes Trust exists to support them. The Princes Trust helps kids aged between 9 and 30 (yes I consider 30 to be a kid, I’m 28 and milking it as long as possible) get into higher education and work. They give them all the support that I had to help these young people find some sort of stability, to help them find their own happy.

So instead of new swearwords, London rants or a coffee overdose, today I am just bringing you this video from the Princes Trust. It is for their new campaign Parallel Lives which shows how different things can be. How different things could have been for you. So please take two minutes to watch, and if you can skip your Pret lunch today and give the money to the Princes Trust. Together we can make a difference.


Author: runawaykiwi

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  1. Really great. I work with youth employment and a few of the kids who come to me have been through courses with the Prince’s Trust. I never thought to give them money before, so thank you for sharing. It’s really important that we support things like this.

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