A month of parents

Mum and Dad

Well what a month it has been. No I’m not talking Brexit, mass shootings and the world slowly imploding; I’m talking about my parents visiting. A month of me sleeping on a couch so hard it felt like it was made of bricks while they slept in my bed. A month of Mum making me cups of tea, and Dad enabling my alcohol problem. A month of showing my parents my life, my London.

It was kind of a big deal for my parents to visit me now. The last time they visited London I was only a year into living here and was not in a great situation. I had a job that was not only unfulfilling and going nowhere, but also paid me nothing and refused to allow staff access to kettles because they were a health and safety hazard. I had no close friends, a flat where mould had more rights than I did and was utterly lost.

Having them visit in 2016 felt like a milestone, it was the first time I could show my parents that not only did I vaguely have my shit together but I was actually happy. I am god damn fucking happy.

It was like the Queen going on a state tour, I made my parents have an official meet and greet with my friends. It backfired a little though, because they loved my friends so much they are all invited to New Zealand for Christmas – I am not.

I had so much that I wanted to show them, so much to cram into a month. I love London (does that come across in this blog? My huge love affair with this silly city?) and have discovered so many cool places over the last four years, the only challenge was if we really could have four brunches in a day…

The side benefit of this month of familial love is that I have some cracking blog posts coming up. We ran away to Florence for a week with the goal of eating pasta for every meal and finding me an Italian husband (after Brexit it is the only way to stay in the EU). I forced my parents to do two escape rooms (both of which were ironically larger than my flat). And of course “three flat whites” was the standard coffee order.

I am secretly excited to write all these posts, it means that I get to extend the awesome times a little longer. Because since 2016 seems to keep kicking us when we are down, I want to bring some sunshine to y’all.

And yes, the photo above is what happens if I ask my Mum and Dad to take a nice photo…yes that is where I get it from.

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  1. My parents just visited as well! It’s so nice to show them my life and I even started seeing the UK as a tourist again 🙂 looking forward to the Florence posts!

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