Where to eat in Florence

Carousel in Florence

OMG it’s like I’m an actual gosh darn travel blogger. If it makes you feel any better, I shamelessly stole 60% of these recommendations from the hot guy we rented the apartment from (seriously, he had foppish hair and bad tattoos, I blushed and stammered when we picked up the keys). Anyway, if you are heading to Florence for a few days these should be all you need. And I don’t have photos for most of them because I am an awesome blogger who was more focused on eating EVERYTHING.

For a takeaway lunch

Round the corner from the Accademia (where Michelangelo’s David lives) is a little lunch bar called Pugi where you can get the best cured meat & cheese, or tomato and mozzarella sandwiches. They are in this bread that is caked in salt and are exactly what you need after spending four hours on a tour of Mr David. You take a number, order inside (they have kick ass tarts as well) and then pay by the door.

For wine by the riverSignorvino is a wine shop and wine bar

Signorvino is a wine shop and wine bar with a terrace that overhangs the river. I thought this little bar was going to be a serious tourist trap but rather annoyingly it was excellent (I hate being proven wrong). If you pre-book or are very lucky you can get one of the tables outside on the terrace and get the perfect view of Ponte Vecchio.

For gelatoBest Gelato in Florence

There is gelato everywhere in Florence and I made it my mission to try it all. My favourite by far was Gelato Santa Trinita on the next bridge over from Ponte Vecchio and judging by the line out the door others agreed. Yes it is a little bit of a walk, but the flavours are subtle and the servings are generous. My must try flavour from there is melon which was as close to the nectar of the gods as I can imagine – and I don’t even like melon.

For authentic pastaBest pasta in Florence

I was only in Florence for a week and we went to Acqua Al 2 three times. THREE TIMES. The pasta was out of this world and the beef carpaccio actually made my family speechless it was so good. The couple that run it were hysterical, they were so lovely to us and managed to squeeze us in every time we turned up without a reservation but with a burning hunger for pasta in our eyes.

For cocktails and fancy food

Ok, the Fusion Restaurant & Bar is a little spenny, but if you can’t afford it just walk by the hotel to see the pinwheel art installation on the side of the building – they spin in the breeze and are 100% adorable. If you are celebrating on the other hand then the Japanese/Peruvian tapas are fantastic and the cocktails are (from what I can remember) beautiful.

For brunchDitta in Florence

It can’t be a Runawaykiwi list without a brunch option, so head down to Ditta Artigianale for your fix. The coffee is stand out, and you have to try the weird pastry they have that looks like a croissant outside but actually has rice and custard in the middle.

Ditta weird rice thing in Florence

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  1. Hi Rebecca,

    I’m glad you made it to Ditta Artigianale. I met the guys from Ditta in Dublin at the World of Coffee and it sounded really good. I didn’t get a pastry with rice and custard in the middle though 🙁


  2. Off to Florence today Bec! Can’t wait to try some of your suggestions and see some of our high school studied art!! Xxx

  3. I went to that gelato place! It was amazing! I went there twice, and each time had a huge line out the door. Worth it each time.

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