Why do you brunch alone?

Hally's Flat white Parsons Green

I went out for brunch the other day to the lovely Hally’s in Parsons Green. I sat there surrounded by couples, one of whom managed to have three arguments before they had even finished my coffees. Me? I sat there writing my blog, interacting on Twitter and just having an all and all chill time.

I had (much to my horror) never heard of Hally’s, which I’m pretty sure is down to the fact it is across the other side of London from me – us Londoners tend to stick local. Then CitizenMag came along and offered to shout me to brunch at one of their recommendations, and to put it bluntly Hally’s looked like a dreamboat.

And I guess that is one part of why I so often brunch alone, I fucking love cafes. I love finding new ones, I love trying new food and I love supporting the little guy. Which means that I am totally happy to travel for over an hour, to the other side of London, just to experience new brunching horizons. If I was going with friends I would most likely have just gone to an old fave mid-way between where we lived, or at least on a matching tube line. If it is only me that is inconvenienced however, 2.5hour round trip for a super strong flat white is totally reasonable and a damn good way to spend a Saturday.

Hally’s really reminds me of a cafe from home, relaxed but doing everything right. The coffee was an automatic double shot which I am always a well caffeinated fan of, and for once every coffee I ordered had beautiful latte art (normally there is one dud in the bunch) – my excuse for ordering three was ‘quality control’. That is the crux of it, I LIKE noticing the latte art and it is really something you can only pay attention to solo. People see to frown on you interrupting a normal conversation to tell them how pretty the coffee is…

Hally's avocado pancakes Parsons GreenHally's avocado pancakes Parsons Green IMG_5742

I was thinking more about this as the arguing couple got into yet another low volume tiff (if his brother could come and stay next weekend, she didn’t like the brother drinking habits), some of the solo dining thing comes down to the old extrovert/introvert dilemma. I need to spend time by myself to recharge, I need to not worry about saying the right thing, responding in the right way, I need to spend time alone to get me back. I realise to the extroverts among you brunching alone amounts to torture, but that’s ok it takes all sorts and us introverts rely on you to apply for horribly embarrassing reality tv shows which keep us entertained.

The other notable at Hally’s aside from the coffee (and apart from the fluffy fluffy dog on the other side of the room that I sort of wanted to kidnap) was the food. I had never even heard of Avocado and Quinoa pancakes, let alone tried them so of course it is what I went for because I am drawn to the ‘new’ like a moth in a disco. They came with a tomato salsa, goats cheese curd and crispy bacon – more along the ‘corn fritter’ flavour lines then a traditional pancake and they were so tasty. My only wish is that they came with more of a sauce type thing because they were a little dry, but then I spilled my coffee over them and fulfilled my own wish.

Go and check out Hally’s if you are in that neck of the woods, it is a great addition to the London brunch crew and is Instagrammable as heck. I would happily track out there again to eat those pancakes, and once I’ve blogged about it I might even convince some friends to come with…

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5 thoughts on “Why do you brunch alone?

  1. Hi Rebecca,

    You and I are very much kindred spirits, albeit I’m more drawn by the coffee than the brunch (although I do like my pancakes and Eggs Florentine). Like you, I’m happy to travel a few hours just to visit a great coffee shop (or two, or three) and in many ways happier to do it on my own than drag some poor soul along with me, who has to put up with me running around taking 100s of photos and nattering with the baristas 🙂

    I’m also ashamed to say I’d not heard of Holly’s despite having been around the corner at Espresso By K2 on Parson’s Green. Next time you’re in the area, you should pop in and see them. They’re Aussies, but I’m sure you’ll get on just fine 😉

    Anyhow, thanks for the heads-up. I’ve added Holly’s to my list 🙂


  2. Sounds delish! I loooove brunching alone, I used to do it all the time, not as much anymore. There’s nothing better than a lazy Saturday morning with a book, some delish food and some alone time. I guess now it’s more dinners alone when I’m working away!

  3. I love brunching alone! Especially when you just need a time out to catch up on blogging. That is some seriously good latte art and a cafe dog?! I’m sold.

  4. This sounds amazing! Also “moth to a disco” – love it!!

    Also, I totally go to brunch (and dinner) alone. I love sitting in a cafe with my laptop not having to communicate with people around me, just with social media and bloggers.

  5. Still running behind with blog-reading, but this really resonates with me. Dunedin is small, so the opportunity to explore to find new cafes is limited: as a result, I take flight to other parts of the country. Am in Wellington now for that purpose, as well as to find new places to dine of an evening and to do some shopping without being served by one of my students.

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