Being taken up the Shard

French Toast at Aqua Shard

Minds out of the gutter please readers, this is a family blog today. Literally. When my parents were kicking round London we went up the Shard for brunch before work one morning. I have been meaning to go to the Shard for years but the combination of good weather and wearing appropriate clothing to get into a fancy bar had never come to pass. We all know the Shard hack right? Instead of paying the £25 to go to the viewing platform you just go to one of the bars for cocktails; it works out cheaper, the view is slightly lower, but there is gin…so all around the better option. However my parents took it one step further, they suggested brunch at Aqua Shard.

Not going to lie, it was painful to get up early enough to brunch before work. PAINFUL. But we made it out of my flat something close to on time, and it was sunny so the tube/power walk to the Shard was verging on bearable. Then we arrived at the tall pointy thing itself, went through security and into the leather room.

Minds. Gutter. People.

We had done two escape rooms during my parent’s trip and so as soon as we walked into the leather panelled elevator we all immediately decided to pretend it was an escape room and press all the panels looking for a key. Yes we were alone. Yes we probably would have done this even if there were other people there. The elevator is worth a mention actually, it is automatic so no tempting buttons to press and it is freshly shaved legs smooth – so you can’t even tell you are moving let along going up 31 floors in 15 seconds.

Coffee at Aqua Shard

I was shocked how few people were in Aqua Shard for breakfast. I assumed that it would be a business persons haunt of choice, or at least full of people who were staying in the hotel but apparently not. It was so quiet in fact that every table there got a window seat, ours looked out over the Gherkin and down the river. Much more formal vibe than the only other comparison I have which is Duck and Waffle, but they didn’t seem to mind us running all over the place dorkishly exclaiming over the views.

Pretty good coffee and a ten out of ten French toast (although what the fuck is up with putting cereal on the top?) but let’s be honest here, the food could have been terrible and I would still recommend it- the views are the winner here.

If you want to be taken up the Shard, forget cocktails and forget the viewing platform; brunch is the way to go.

View from Brunch at Aqua Shard

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  1. Thanks for this recommendation. On my recent and first trip to London, a friend and I had the Full English Breakfast on a beautiful Tuesday morning. By far the best way to experience the Shard

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